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  This has nothing to do with technology. It is another corrupt group looking to make money with a lottery law suit. Everyone knows it's stupid and baseless, but it may still pay off.
  Amazon still has the Office 2011 Home & Student Family Pack (3 perpetual licenses) for $110. Get it while it lasts.
  Pull my finger.
Next stop, Radio Shack! Oops, already there. Walmart? Already there.   McDonald's Happy Meals? Soon.
  Two rumors and an AI story makes it an absolute metaphysical certitude. Time for Tim Cook to don his money cape and save the world!
  Photolithography and chemical etching (used for PCBs) can easily do 5 mil features/spacing.
  Guilty of what crime? Setting an unpopular price is not a crime. Do you want your government to set the price on products? That's one way to force companies to stop selling into your country.
Manufacturing flaws in early production happen to everyone sometimes. The company previously known as RIM has the resources to iron out the process for the next batch. The instability was likely caused by the defect so a proper review was not possible. It's still embarrassing as hell.
Have the afflicted tried the IT Crowd solution: Have you tried turning it off and on again?   A couple of times, over years and different iPhones, I came across similar behavior which power cycling fixed. Could have been any random combination of OS behavior and apps, but nothing frequent or predictable.
  Internet tales of wealth and expertise... always a good read 
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