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  I did not see this same poll, by the same organization from last year. The closest I could find was from Christmas 2011: http://www.maritzresearch.com/sitecore/content/MaritzDotCom/Press-Releases/2011/Maritz-Holiday-Tablet-Poll-Finds-Four-Key-Buyer-Segments-in-Market.aspx?sc_device=MaritzResearchSharedContent   It's organized differently, but you can total the four categories (low end, newcomers, single minded, committed) to come to 53% stating a preference for iPad.
  Anything less than 75% market share means Apple is doomed due to lack of market share. 75% or more market share means Apple is doomed because there is nowhere to go but down.
Internet site speculates about a rumor from unnamed sources, results labelled a "report". Gah.
  It's almost certain that google deletes some spam silently.   We ran our own mail server at work for a while and the flood of spam is amazing. We used spamassassin to rate each email and sieve to silently drop the worst, place in-between in a spam folder and put everything else in the inbox.   We have since moved to Google Apps (with gmail). Google does a first rate job of putting only spam in the spam folder. I've never had spam in the inbox. I've never had false...
Whether or not he was a Samsung employee at the time of the trial, being discovered as one so soon after the trial is clearly a problem for anyone with ethics. After his bizarre exercise in trying to publicly humiliate Apple, I guess ethics is not a problem for this clown.
It's odd to see an "analyst" claim investing in the business to grow as being a bad thing. Capital expenditures? Apple is doomed!
I guess Samsung did not open the innovative and original Samsung Wallet wide enough for these judges.
On androidauthority.com they said this about Samsung Wallet: "It’s so laughably similar [to passbook] that we’re kind of ashamed to call ourselves Samsung fans now, but such is life."
  This same thread on Mac Rumors was labeled: Please keep the discussion civil or the discussion thread will be closed.   Fortunately, I think the Chick-fil-a crowd has thinned since then. They can join Fred Phelps on his journey to irrelevance.
  He is a professional lying scumbag. No ethics, no remorse.
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