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I hope there is more than this rumor. This is a minor spec bump to the ATV3 box I already have that is collecting dust. It collects dust just fine, so no need to get a slightly improved version with a new remote. Come on Apple, wow us with something new and not just another tweak to a hobby product.
A full year for the price of one AAPL share? That's a pretty good deal.
Looks like panic is setting in, time to invest in adult diapers. Plop, plop, whiz, whiz. Oh, what a relief it is.
 'Oh, help!’ said Pooh. ‘I’d better go back.’‘Oh, bother!’ said Pooh. ‘I shall have to go on.’‘I can’t do either!’ said Pooh. ‘Oh, help and bother!”
 Isn't Apple now in that industry? Apple core... heh.
 Maybe. We will see when they actually announce. A cost reduced version of the current product with a couple of software updates isn't a big jump. Certainly not a multi year jump. I would like to see a real leap too, but we might get the same timid, underwhelming bump as the iPod touch did.
Ugh. In Artists view the "custom color" feature now applies to the background of the artist's albums on the right. They generate a color based on a single album, which is guaranteed to clash with at least one other album from that artist. It looks horrible. You can disable custom colors altogether, but that takes out the colored backgrounds used in Albums view.   What a great update. Lose a good existing feature or be saddled with a bad new feature.
My watch battery indicator started glowing red and saying I needed to report to carousel and renew. I didn't want to and Apple Geniuses came after me calling me "runner". Apple watch really has improved my fitness!
And when you add back in the context you edited out, you see I'm not asking for cutting edge technology. Just existing, affordable technology that's been available for years (256GB flash storage) and could easily have been implemented in this update. In fact, I have no doubt there were people in Apple who suggested using current storage capacities in this update and were overruled.
Or people who want a high capacity music player... like the iPod used to be and could be again with a minor tweak to use currently available storage capacities.
New Posts  All Forums: