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  Easier access to crap chargers that have not passed the strict safety testing required in other countries? There is a reason for certified safety labs like UL. Plugging random stuff into the mains can be dangerous, particularly when bathing.
New Windows Phone ad: We're doing as well as Blackberry! Huzzah!
  Wearable computing has a future, whatever you choose to call it (watch does sound stodgy). I plan to put one on my cat and make it play a meow MP3 controlled from my iPhone. Then I can command "Speak!" and finally get a response.
I've seen this show before with Microsoft's PowerPC version of Windows NT 3.51. I did NT testing and development on a 601 based box... and then it just went away. All the hype and promise with no follow through left developers with nothing but wasted effort.   Microsoft's partners know RT is a dead end. Probably even Microsoft knows RT is a dead end. $349 for a dead end tablet is not a deal.
  Yes, every company must follow the conflict material rules, but I can tell you from first hand experience it comes down to a chain of unenforcible paperwork pushing requirements down the supply chain to someone who might actually have some control over the source of tin. All the nice paperwork is filed, all the asses are covered, a lot of expense is added and in the end it boils down to whether the source of tin (not the many manufacturers, assemblers or designers...
All consumer electronics use tin. Apple is not a tin smelter and they have no direct control over buying tin ore. They are doing all they can do to investigate, which is more than any other consumer electronics company I know.   It's always stunning to see how some people hold a single consumer electronics company solely responsible for entire other industries, and ignore every other consumer electronics company on the planet using the same materials. It must be...
  We are talking about people who shop at Best Buy. They will trade in AND buy an extended warranty plus some Monster cables.
I can't get choked up over a mild, temporary, better than industry decline in Mac numbers.   The new MBPs will kick it up, and while I would have liked a retina MBA I can understand the emphasis on battery life. I even have a sick fantasy of getting a new Mac Pro and 4K display that I just don't need.   Apple has the remainders of the profitable consumer market wrapped up, and time will tell on the Mac Pro. I don't like Apple's extended lull in products, but to...
    These have a more metallic sheen that I like. Hopefully the finish is something like this instead of flat candy shell. The other unknown is feel. As trivial as it sounds, the feel of the iPhone 4 was very satisfying. If took me longer to warm to the iPhone 5, but I like it now. Slippery smooth would be a mistake. I hope it feels mildly grippy, while still allowing smooth repositioning in the hand.
I don't get the bad reactions to these cases. They look fine, and will look better when you remove the protective plastic wrap which you see bubbling in the photo. Plenty of people like color, and many would prefer the less easily damaged plastic. These will be great for kids or careless adults. Premium materials will still be available in the flagship model.   My only comment is to recall a line from a movie referencing the color of a car: "I didn't know they made...
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