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  To be fair, Satan is pretty cool.
Sucks to be RIM. They are in a Palm like death spiral.
  I guess you can't see the humor in it.
  They are being paid, and they are not in chains.   Companies exploiting interns is not new or unique to China. The students may not enjoy the work, but they must think the end result is worth it or they would not be there. Paying some dues to get ahead is not slavery.
  "Spring Surprise" like in the Monty Python crunchy frog skit?
Oh, no! If you can't trust internet rumors and allegations from shady organizations, what can you trust?
  If they call it iPhone 6, then you have the number of the beast! Isn't that what the Apple 1 sold for? Satan wears a turtleneck!
  Ugh, the cell phone for sale section of Craigslist appears to be infested with scammers and sleaze. No legitimate inquiries so far, but I have been flooded with requests to trade for various items, offers of paying by check and offers to sell for me on consignment. I'm pulling the listing down.
  I did not think it would be worth that much, but I just threw it up on craigslist at $80 to see what happens.
I considered recycling through this program for an iPhone 3G. I did not expect money back, but expected to be able to print a label and let the scheduled FedEx pick up at work take it. It turned out you have to print a coupon, then take that to a FedEx store, wait in line, and have them package the device.   In the end I decided spending an hour in traffic and in line was not worth it, so the 3G continues to collect dust. It will probably end of in the garbage at...
New Posts  All Forums: