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"Apple's ability to ship large, consistent volumes..."   That's a large part of how Intel crushed AMD. Though, Apple stumbled some with the latest product introductions. If you have to have ramp-up problems, please do not let them land in a holiday shopping quarter.
  Samsung will follow with the UniCycle. Comes with complementary clown shoes and horn. *honk*
  I just read a piece on SeekingAlpha that said Apple's growth in China is not as good as reported. The argument was that if you subtracted iPhone 5 sales from the latest quarter, then the remaining sales actually decreased slightly from the previous quarter. So there you have it: Apple's sales are decreasing in China... if you don't count the products they sold.   Yeah, that sounds real positive.
  I have a recent Apple TV plus the PS3 and Roku like you. The Apple TV only gets used for airplay at this point. I use the remote app on the iPhone or iPad mini to control the main iTunes library on a mac mini and choose the Apple TV as output if I'm in that room.   That is still more use than the PS3, which is collecting dust with the few Bluray and DVDs I still have not tossed. The Roku just beats the Apple TV senseless with the third party apps (channels). I even like...
"Apple's earnings for the winter quarter of 2012... involved an extra, 14th week."   I watched a Bloomberg video where the talking head got it backwards. He said the current quarter had an extra week which made Apple's current quarter earnings worse than reported. I guess it is probably extreme incompetence, but combined with the WSJ's mysterious and now retracted 65 million iPhone expectation for the next quarter in their supply chain rumor article it sure looks...
  I heard Tim Cook wears a hair piece. He purchased his from the same place Donald Trump did.
  That's what I was thinking: Retina MBA on the horizon and they are clearing the channel.
RIM and Nokia are tied for the death spiral award.
  You are quick to put your words in his mouth and then condemn him. It sounds like the current gun law debate in the US. "If you oppose a gun ban, you support the murder of children. What a terrible human being!"
Part of this is probably stocking the new mothership with Segways.
New Posts  All Forums: