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This is just the cost of doing business in that location. Locals get the extra regulation and costs they want, Apple continues to profit. Everybody wins.
  Or... Apple is dooooooomed!
Pixar beat Apple to the punch. I guess Apple will have to name their new headquarters "The Big Doughnut" instead.
  Which makes it hard to dispute or support. During a period of world wide expanding availability and product upgrades, Apple spends an extra 25% over estimates on capital expenditures. The reason is... [fishes around in butt] Multi-billion dollar investment in Sharp!   Plausible, but pure speculation, followed by more speculation on the results of the speculation, which is now reported on an internet rumors site. I guess that makes it an absolute metaphysical certitude. 
  They will take a page from the Baghdad Bob play book: "Nexus continues to rule the world and the infidels' tablets are burning in the streets."
Reading the comments section on a CNN article about the iPad mini was humorous. It started with "only stupid people pay so much for so little", then posters tried to one up each other in an escalating battle of scorn. "This is years old technology for twice the price." "Why pay three times the price for decade old technology?"   I did not stick around for the inevitable "Why pay a billion dollars for an abacus? Apple is doomed!"
  Quadraphonic man! Where did I put that quadraphonic Pink Floyd 8-track?
  It could recognize the lyrics to In-a-godda-da-vida and start a psychedelic light show!
  My Ouija board says go all in... anyone want to go halfsies on a share? :-P
  Apple is a business, this is a business decision. If it is in Apple's interest to do more business with Samsung in the future, they will. Just like Apple still deals with Microsoft, Adobe and Intel despite past competition and legal wrangling. I don't see a competent manager wasting time thinking up ways to screw with a major company with cutting edge technology that may be a future vendor.
New Posts  All Forums: