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I have a hard time imagining an adult wearing one of these. It looks chunky, clunky and cheaply generic.
  Not just R&D, but source of infrastructure funding. How many of these investments in the factories of partners (soon to be competitors) have we heard about recently? How many times must Apple get burned before deciding to diversify themselves?
  There are old people in the picture as well, how unsightly. Only young, attractive people should be allowed to shop at Apple stores.
This is probably retaliation for recent rejections of mimolette imports. Free the cheese mites.
  Sigh, reading comprehension fail once again. I never hyped a Samsung product. I said a retina MBA would be a nice upgrade from my current MBA and offered the Samsung as proof it can be done.   I'll give you some help: sound out the words, look them up in a dictionary, parse the combined meaning and actually take a break from your knee jerk desire to label people a heretic and THINK about what you just read. Primary school children do it every day, and if you apply...
  You must have a reading comprehension problem. As stated, I do use Apple products. Try a little harder to understand next time and you won't be so lost.
  That's what happens when you don't have new products or even interesting upgrades to promote. You end up with vague brand promotion.   The ads aren't bad or good. I suspect most people will respond: Oh yeah, Apple. Have they released something new or interesting? I can't tell from this ad. No? Are they promoting something soon to be released? No? Oh well.
  It's sad when expressing a basic desire like having a retina display on the MBA (to replace my current MBA) gets me labeled a Samsung fanboy. That won't stop me from upgrading my Windows laptop to an ATIV 9 when it is released with Windows 8.1 this fall and enjoying what I had hoped to enjoy with a MBA upgrade. I still hold hope that Apple will eventually follow Samsung with a retina MBA. I guess that sort of devotion makes me an Apple fanboy.
  So it never occurred to you to have a retina display on the MBA? You do not think having a retina display on the MBA is worth doing?   The Samsung ATIV 9 is the same weight as the MBA and has a high DPI 13" touch display (3200x1800) with 12 hour battery and Haswell.   I will agree Apple pushed high DPI displays first and the MBA was first in powerful portability. Which is why it is surprising Apple has not combined those while Samsung has. Given Apple's refresh rate on...
  Samsung's new ultrabook does what everyone had hoped the just refreshed Macbook Air would do, so that is a better comparison. We will have to wait another year to see if Apple can catch up to where Samsung is now.
New Posts  All Forums: