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  Samsung's new ultrabook does what everyone had hoped the just refreshed Macbook Air would do, so that is a better comparison. We will have to wait another year to see if Apple can catch up to where Samsung is now.
  That's where they serve the Chick-fil-a.
So much for ComiXology saying Apple is an anti-gay censor because ComiXology themselves decided not to publish a comic depicting gay sex through the Apple store. It could not possibly have anything to do with Apple's clear published policy against sexually explicit images.
  They did pick a terrible time to go comatose. The coasting began in 2012, in 2013 they are missing in action. Two years between significant updates to their one phone product, only minor bumps to other existing products and the same old promises of new stuff just over the ever retreating horizon. The new Mac pro looks interesting if they ever finish it and actually deliver.   The only action from Apple these days seems to be Cook's dealings over his share grants and the...
  Would it? I've seen 50" 4K TVs for $1100.   I think it would be a real coup to deliver a 27" 4K display for $999. It might eat some margin up front, but once again they would push people forward and make a new technology standard. It works for retina on the iPad.
  This is all in your mind. Mavericks is just a name, the image is probably meant to convey freedom and speed, and there is absolutely nothing even vaguely approaching "conquerer of the world".   Honestly, some anti-US hysteria has risen to be the international equivalent of Obama Derangement Syndrome. It's so overblown and detached from reality it has become a bad joke.
  Hot sex, tasty food and a cool buzz. Sometimes our finances only allow for internet porn, a bag of Cheetos and a Coors Lite.
  No kidding. That picture looks like an Apple ad. Scratch, scratch, scratch... now just scibble in "Samsung" and viola!
Go to Best Buy and suffer the consequences. Would you like an extended warranty for that fire bomb?
  "High quality flash memory can provide a significantly longer lifespan than cheaper versions, but it also costs more."
New Posts  All Forums: