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DOJ Lawyer: Apple's competitor, do you have anything bad to say about Apple? Competitor: Yes, I have first hand knowledge they did bad, bad things. Apple Lawyer: What is that first hand knowledge? Competitor: A lawyer told me he overhead a conversation in a some bar. He can't remember which, because he was pretty buzzed.
  He got the clicks he was after, collateral damage be damned. In his book, that is a win. Reputation does not seem to matter when others pick it up and reprint it, as long as it is negative and has the word Apple.
  I don't know, none of my iPads have cellular. Knowing my iPhone 5 has an LTE indicator I assumed the iPad would as well.
  The S4 shows an LTE indicator, the iPad does not.
I get the feeling the DOJ is more interested in a show piece win than finding the truth. Start with a conclusion and work backwards. The publishers who did wrong settled, and I bet part of that settlement was a promise to help drag Apple into their mess.
People would freak out if iWatch was the name of an Apple branded TV.
Microsoft's strategy is clear as mud: force a tablet interface on the desktop and field two incompatible tablet operating systems that have the same name. What could go wrong?
That's still too much. I can buy a Dell Persperon for $3.50 (tree-fiddy), and that comes with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer trading cards. Collect them all!
  The city is ecstatic with the building. The only whiners are people showing how awesomely hip they are by being contrarian. I guess their preference for a generic mall-tastic Levi building and awkwardly placed fountain is supposed to cow everyone else into protesting for the status quo.
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