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Go to Best Buy and suffer the consequences. Would you like an extended warranty for that fire bomb?
  "High quality flash memory can provide a significantly longer lifespan than cheaper versions, but it also costs more."
  Steve Ballmer always reminded me more of the monster from Young Frankenstein. Abby-normal.
They missed an opportunity to have both photos (one front, one back). Now it just looks like "young is better".
  Yes, dump some of the visually empty length.   For any change that large we will have to wait another year. The 5S will be just another incremental tweak. I'll be glad when Apple starts turning out new stuff again. The recent processor bump on the MBA and teases of stuff for the future were not very satisfying.
Makes me want to buy a thunderbolt display for my iMac, just to try the new multi monitor setup. I'm trying to imaging this on a new Mac Pro + dual 4K displays. Splooge.
I can see the customer rush now: Duhuuurr... does Windows 8 run on my Zune?
What sad, meaningless lives some must lead to spend time on a site dedicated to products they don't use. Must be some form of dementia preventing normal mental processes.
Is that Kurt Cobain on the left in the picture?
Garth: No waze! Wayne: Waze!
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