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I get the feeling the DOJ is more interested in a show piece win than finding the truth. Start with a conclusion and work backwards. The publishers who did wrong settled, and I bet part of that settlement was a promise to help drag Apple into their mess.
People would freak out if iWatch was the name of an Apple branded TV.
Microsoft's strategy is clear as mud: force a tablet interface on the desktop and field two incompatible tablet operating systems that have the same name. What could go wrong?
That's still too much. I can buy a Dell Persperon for $3.50 (tree-fiddy), and that comes with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer trading cards. Collect them all!
  The city is ecstatic with the building. The only whiners are people showing how awesomely hip they are by being contrarian. I guess their preference for a generic mall-tastic Levi building and awkwardly placed fountain is supposed to cow everyone else into protesting for the status quo.
Install a zen waterfall with glowing Apple logo behind the water to channel the leak, burn some incense and play spacey new age music.
Thurston Howell III approves!
I expected Cook's push for corporate tax reform would be well received by at least some senators. The senate's preemptive strike against Apple indicates the ring masters were not sufficiently paid off for Tim's performance at the circus.
Slowly deteriorates? Yes, welcome to the world of physics. It is rough and unforgiving, but if it makes you feel better, we are all in it together. Oh! The humanity!
  This makes me wish someone in authority had the guts to stencil NCC-1701 on the roof of the new headquarters.
New Posts  All Forums: