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  I have the same hope. Enough time has passed with only incremental updates to existing products to make the next significant product launch, or lack of one, a make or break event. Minor updates like a second iPhone model and retina iPad mini are probably not even enough to tread water.
The only downside of this scheme is you have to be a Time Wanker customer.
  LXK400: Help, help, I'm being repressed! AI: Bloody peasant.
This is a "Hail Mary" see if it sticks play. Put the ball in the roulette wheel of justice and see where it lands.
  It's called investing. [pushes chips on to double zero] Come on, baby needs a new iPad!
If this French politician wants to run Apple, I suggest she apply to the board and ask to be CEO. Her qualifications will be given due consideration.
  Now I have Kirsty MacColl's "In These Shoes?" stuck in my head.
My razor has SIX blades! Now I can shave my back in only a couple of strokes.
  Making an iPhone with the 4" screen but with the whole phone shrunk to nearly the screen size would be perfect. I could live with a slim home button or other whiz-bang new fangled home button alternative to get there.
Justin Bieber's monkey was scroogled by German officials. Am I using scroogled correctly? My spell check does not seem to know how to spell scroogle.
New Posts  All Forums: