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"the fall and all of 2014"   So, a couple/few of incremental updates to existing products in 2013 and pipeline mania as far as the eye can see.   It is what it is, but like SolipsismX above, I would like to see some kind of events on at least a 6 month interval if only keep people's attention and push existing products/technologies. A little evangelism is in order.
"...we are very excited about the products in our pipeline." Oh, well then.
"...hopes that Apple will introduce products in entirely new categories in fiscal 2014"   Ah yes, the pipeline. Forget 2013. There is stuff. In the pipeline. Check back next year.
  I hope Apple phrases it better during the earnings announcement.
"Those who held out for the lawsuit gained essentially nothing, as Apple's original offer to users in 2010 was to give away free Bumper cases worth $29, or nearly twice that of the settlement checks." I have no use for a bumper, but $15 will buy a nice sandwich and beer.
Ugh. More bad news. We are experiencing an information vacuum filled by bad news and press speculation. No end in sight. Maybe Apple's extended silence will turn out to be a stroke of genius.
  Apple went silent at the same time as a series of missteps (maps, production problems) and extended lull between significant updates or announcements.   So all we get to hear about for the last 7 months is their missteps with generous side of speculation. If Apple won't supply something positive to talk about, someone else will fill in the blanks.
The Radio Shack is a little old place where we can get together, Radio Shack baby! Radio Shack baaayy-beee!   That name triggered my nostalgia reaction.
  Finally, this is the sort of aggressive push for mindshare I've been hoping to see from Apple.
  I see no indication they are listening to anyone but themselves, for better or worse. It would be nice if they communicated with someone besides themselves, if only in maintenance of their brand and mindshare. At this time it looks like a year of silence to wait for a plastic down scale iPhone and a minor iPad update. I hope there is more.
New Posts  All Forums: