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  Not me. I have an uneasy feeling... no wait. That was just gas.
Does that graphic mean "stick a fork in it, it's done" ?
Oh noes! How will they stop cannabis use without round the clock surveillance of all citizens?   DEA, your concern has been noted. I will be sure to act on it at every possible voting opportunity.
“Google plans ‘to market a tablet of the highest quality’ in the next six months” Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google, 19 Dec 2011   That's OK Eric, the world need followers as well as leaders.
  Groveling takes different forms in different environments. In the US, it means "lobbying", if you know what I mean. In China, it means responding to state requests for "humility", if you know what I mean.
This "please come back" program fits nicely with the shift from last year's "can they maintain momentum" to this year's "can they regain momentum". I'm pulling for you Apple, please don't let another year pass with only incremental upgrades and bungled roll outs like maps.
  That's what someone rational would say. CEOs get obscene bonuses regardless of performance, so they will happily continue tossing money into a corrupt system without considering the costs of trying to compete against a government known for lawless behavior. Western governments are not far behind their corporate overlords with their head in the sand approach to such abuses. You will hear a few squeals about it, but no action will be taken and the Chinese government knows...
I listened to an interesting radio news show about Samsung's history of leveraging its way into markets by first becoming a parts supplier then using information gained from customers to compete against their customers. They did the same thing to Sony in the mid 90s with TV panels as they are doing to Apple now with smart phone components.   The guy being interviewed had gone to Samsung headquarters to do research and thought the environment to be oddly dystopian,...
"Version 2.1 also brings the ability to take action on multiple messages at the same time."   It's hard to believe any mail app could be released without this basic feature. Oh well, better late than never.
I'm sure Amazon would love for people to pay for their advertising and data mining conduit disguised as a phone. Next up, Facebook makes a smart phone. You can trust Facebook with your information, because Facebook is all about privacy.
New Posts  All Forums: