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Also, will Apple TV mirror videos notsaved on the internal memory of an Apple product (Iphone, Ipad, Itunes)? Such as the video files on the NAS Drive
Thank you for the reply. I have saved over a TB of home movies on NAS Drive. I was thinking of when I visit family just to hook up Iphone to their TV and tap the NAS drive videos (simple in theory). Could not save that much video on Iphone. Would the Apple TV mirrior anything on the Iphone? Could this be as simple as buying Apple TV, hooking that up to TV and mirrioring NAS videos via Iphone? How difficult is the Apple TV hook-up and set up with Iphone?
I have a problem playing transferred home movies on a flat screen tv through the “TV Out” feature of my Iphone 4. Brief History: I have captured about a TB worth of various home movie videos from VHS tape to my PC hard drive in AVI format using AVS Video Recorder. I used AVS Video Converter to convert the AVI movie files to M4V files, to play these movies on my IPhone. I then copied these M4V video files to a Western Digital “My Book Live” NAS Drive which allows me...
New Posts  All Forums: