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I like both iOS and Android and most of this was a ruling against TouchWiz not against Android.  There were a couple of rulings against Android OS direct but I know that bounce back has already been removed, not sure about that tap to deal though.   I have 2 iPod Touch's and 2 Apple TV's, used to have an iPad 3.  I also have 2 Google TV's, Nexus 7 and a Motorola Photon.   I agree with pretty much all of the judgements, although I reserve the right to change my...
I'm thinking about selling my new iPad and getting the Nexus 7, looks pretty sweet and while I do like the new iPad, it's not really much better than my Galaxy Tab 8.9.
Like requiring a pop-out tray would not negate the savings in space?
Not seeing an issue with WiFi on the new iPad, first one so I can't judge it against previous models. It will take me anywhere in my house with no problems at all. I've tested the signal agains my Galaxy Tab 8.9 and it's just as strong if not stronger.
I love my Android stuff, Motorola Photon, Sony Google TV 42 inch, Samsung Galaxy 8.9. I also like my Apple products, Apple TV, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4. I like my Android stuff for browsing. What really pisses me off is that Android does not have a market place (google play) like iOS does. I like owning my content. I can't eaisly buy and own video content on Android devices. Face it tablets are media consumption devices and when it comes to media Apple does have...
I just wonder because I have over 300g in video content with itunes but usually stream it over my Apple TV. I'd much rather have it closer to me in a tablet format.
I just think anyone should buy from Barnes and Noble. Amazon books only work on Kindle devices. I'm not sure about iBook working on other devices but I know Barnes and Noble work on multiple devices and can be used on them all at the same time.
Thank you Shrike for actually reading my post. I've just wanted an iPod Touch with a little bigger screen since I got my Photon. I don't like to use my Photon as a media player because to get the same battery life I would have to turn off the 3g and Android does not have access to the iTunes market anyway . I can't buy Law and Order from them. It's the last feature that Google does not offer that Apple does, Video Media you own. I don't think they ever will. I think...
If you don't get it I guess you just don't "get it". Seriously global mod?
What part of I traded in the Acer for a Galaxy 8.9 because of the weight did you not get?
New Posts  All Forums: