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The USA exists by its free market system. And why was my post deleted. Because I mentioned USA and the article is about the US judicial ruling?
Right? Just put last year's processor in it and push it out the door already!
Apple should just release it without an event- hardly a technological breakthrough.Borderline laughable to have an event just because you reduced the screen size. It should have been introduced along the other tweeny iPods last month.
Will these new minis be Easter egg colored like the new iPod Touches? I ask because the Tweenies are the obvious market for this as no adult would want or need a smaller iPad- Steve said so himself.
In the iCloud, of course.
I agree. Those fluorescent Easter egg iPod Touch colours are ghastly.And yes they will scratch up.
The world runs on Google, Microsoft and Apple.
Florescent iPods? If Jonny says so. I suppose the Tweens must love them but can you imagine the scratches after a month?
]Make that 3'( I thought u only liked iThingys)
Consumer Reports always gets it right. That's why they're so well respected and deserving of so many articles at AI.
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