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I look forward to updating my work Excel files on my iPad. And Word docs too. This will sell more iPads.
Because like Apple never mentioned they were incapable of providing it themselves ?
Recall?Why didn't Apple use titanium?
Great - I'm glad I'm forced to wait due to contract. If its not fixed by then I'm waiting for the next gen . Totally fine with the 4S. Don't need a remote control in my pocket anyway. More surface- more to nick.
Will the headphone jack be on the bottom?
Cool so no battery misreads?
That is a web app- not the same. No pin tap to street view either.No time for your twistedness . Begone .
Just look at the Slurpy pics above - where are the roads?
Where're the streets? And then you admit to visual distortions above!NEXT.END OF STORY.It should "just work" and if not, then leave in what does until IT does.
Not as a pedestrian- NO.And will you ever stop lying? The feature is no longer on the device. What app gives you a map with a pin you tap and goes right to streetview?
New Posts  All Forums: