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Are people actually liking the 15" retina with all its issues? I keep reading to wait for the 2nd iteration after the kinks get ironed out.
One for each ear?
[No he just gave out free $29.99 bumpers (which probably cost $1 but that's another story). We could have a least received a warning that we were about to lose StreetView when we upgraded the iOs for crissakes..
And I still can't find my house or look down my street- only roofs and top of trees. Useless.
Yet another reason to not buy this Kindle/Nexus/Nook clone.
Can't we all just get along?
You don't need to. Simply take the full sale price less the cost of the component's parts and innards. The amount of profit (excluding R&D) will be much less in a iPad Miniature because it will sell for so much less but have basically the same parts. . And definitely far less than an iPhone's. This could be Apple's biggest mistake ever.So wait to buy- definitely not until after the iPad Miniature is released.
Expect it to drop even lower after it's revealed that the new iPad Miniature constrains Apple's profit margins.
You have now officially become a member of AI- welcome!
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