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Who are u quoting and what is it in reference to as that's like the first time I've ever used that word?
It will mirror their phone's unlike the iPad's to the iPhone's. Less fragmentation..
And how do you reposition the sun?
Manhattan still looks like Salvador Dali meltdown- lets get real here. And the buildings are too tall so you can't see the roads?
Less movable parts.
2 months ago we heard the iMac supply was drying up and- nothing. Maybe Apple is just for iThingys and laptops now.
Only if it's 16:9 like the new iPhone 5 would I even remotely consider buying one.
So are you implying that when Steve said over all those years "it just works", it actually just didn't ?Sounds like it.
Agreed.A reaction to the market and severly lacks innovation.And what about the whittling down your fingers comment from Steve regarding this size?
I miss iDisk too- it actually worked and was totally reliable. This backup - manage your account crap doesn't work as it is just that - a lot of work. However I appreciate my .mac email account now free for another year as I have a brilliant address.
New Posts  All Forums: