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EXACTLY. That's clearly an advertisement space wall as the prior photo shows. Why wouldn't MSFT use it ? The horror!
Thanks- the next time I fly over it I'll be sure to look for it.
Thank Gawd I don't live in Chicago if that's any indication to where their Apple store is located nearby. Let me check on my map app. Drat- no Streetview so I can't.
Excuse me- but what crystal ball app do you use? Au contraire as I've stated I would buy one.
And why exactly would I go hiking with 5 pounds worth of books attached to me which us what I was responding to?
Not sad at all- I'm an optimist. Can't u see how patiently I've been waiting for my new iMac? optimistically hopingi that it'll come sooner rather than later?
Celebrating or noting a birthday is negative ?Do you know or celebratte when Lincoln died or Washington died?Geesh!And I too enjoy Apple products and services- but not 100% of the time/ 24 hours a day.
Never celebrate a person's life on their death anniversary but rather on their birthday- much more appropriate and tasteful.
So now nobody goes to the beach or sits outside at all except people who want skin cancer. These comments on AI get more bizarre all the time.I own 2 iPads. An iPad is too heavy to carry for long periods of time- an iPhone and a feather-lite Kindle with a month's worth of charge works just fine. Why don't you just get a map like I'm frequently asked to sub for StreetView?
Amazon is now officially doomed.
New Posts  All Forums: