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Btw - does anyone know why AT&T's iPhones now say 4G with iOS 5.1? Is this an Apple error or AT&T gimmick? I would think Steve would have gone ballistic with this either way.
Now it's name calling by the sophistic AT&T barker. Man you just can't stop can u? Tell us again how u plan to use your incompatible LTE AT&T iPad in Europe. And then justify how 250mb @$15 is cheaper than 1Gb at $20. Do you have any idea what 250mb can or will get u? How much more will AT&T require you to drop if u exceed 250mb? Flunk math much?Either you're an AT&T employee or a pension holder- which is it?
BTW- I just ordered a 64GB Verizon iPad (and proud of it) though have had an AT&Fee iPhone for years. So sick of all their disrespect for Apple and it users over all the years with the dropped calls, no tethering on iPhones, throttling BS and now this hot spot nonsense. I suggest everyone hit them where it hurts the mo$t. Even "Rethink Possible" blatantly mimics Apple without any actions of theirs to back that slogan up. The "Telephone Company"- Begone from my iSight!
Hello everyone- just joined.Lol- are you wasting or time or what? That SX guy must be receiving his pension from AT&T for all that BS. Just look at the coverage maps or maybe he's map illiterate.There are so many obvious reasons why he is in denial- I quote the following and post the link afterwards:"If you want to keep costs down, Verizon is the way to go. If you intend to use a lot of data, Verizon is also the better choice. If you plan to stick to 2GB or 3GB, AT&T wins...
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