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Mocking imperfections is one thing but dropping off an entire feature- StreetView is never mentioned by iLovers. Why is that?
Only if it costs$199.
If that's it, you still can't read it outdoors so-FAIL. On the other hand Power Support will be very happy.
Funny I feel the exact same way about an iPad mini too.
Everyday. Everyone copies Apple- life didn't exist before Apple.
1. Yes2. Sarcasm
I was replying to a faux BT claim. You can't read yet I'm stupid? Sounds like your name has more emphasis on space and very little on rays.
You're the one complaining no BT headphones carry a charge long enough- not me.How do you expect that to be accomplished? Magic?
Not really.iPad mini with E-Ink - then I'd get excited.Something to read in direct sunlight with one hand and running off a looooong charge.Like a high tech Kindle on iOS.
New Posts  All Forums: