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FUD. I've had Altec Lansing wireless stereo headphone for over 2 years now which are both durable and not "clunky".Where do you expect an iPhone size battery to fit in your wireless headphones in order to keep that long a charge ?
Apple hired Maya Rudolph?
Right? Looks like Apple didn't want to pay the Bluetooth licensing fee and put it in the square Nano like many have asked for.We've seen this all before with HDMI. Apple waited until the very last moment to add that to a MacBook whereas PCs had it for years.
Haha - never said that but good try.I said " What good is tapping on a pin if you don't get a a Street View."That's for anywhere, anyplace I need to get to. Comprendez?
Right- I'm going to give you the location where I live.Dream on.
YES! We can all go back to living our lives again.
Dear Gawd- not this again.
Maps has still fudged up the name of the location where I live. And what good is tapping on the pin if you don't get a Street View?
What Talkest Skill says makes perfect sense - if the iMac was to get an upgrade without Retina it should have been out months ago.
If Apple offers E-ink I will buy.
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