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Why?If I did I'd have more time to post.
If Samsung's accusations fit then the judge must acquit.
I hope they get a pay raise for doing this.
Funny when Samsung enlarged the smartphone screen where it had never been before it was called on AI everything under the sun and not innovative. Apple reduces the screen size of the tablet to the already existing available Kindle, Nexus , etc size and it is an EVENT! So laughable.Only thing more laughable is if Apple prices it above $199
Suckerberg - Gross.Woz- cool.I hope Suck uses the stock checker app.
Why- because it already exists. It's called the iPod Touch. Sure it's slightly larger but this is a lame, cynical attempt to compete with the Kindle Fire and Nexus7 in time for Holiday sales. It's utterly laughable. It's not innovative, it's copying. For years iFans have slammed and dismissed this size but now you think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Deplorable.An iMac event would have been better - powerhouse computing anyday over an iToy.And looong...
Get it right- You mean "nkay?"PleezPor favorOr whatever else it takes.
Is the iPad the horse or the carriage?
Obviously. So when you can't answer something you know nothing about your reflex is to call someone a troll.Rich.
Use some logic and your brain- the iPad already exists. The iPhone 5 has been released. What in any event will this show that's different from what already exists?An event was called to introduce the iPad- because it never existed before remember? Don't you retain?Was an event ever called for the iPod mini? NO.
New Posts  All Forums: