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I posted page 12 on the Mac Rumors forum, so go back to page one. I know the Targus cases are having trouble with the sleep feature. The magnets are not properly lined up.
The people over at Mac Rumors are a lot more interested in the cases than this forum. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthre...335601&page=12
The smart cover only protects the screen, I want the back protected too. The Ipad 3rd Generation is a slight bit larger and most of the cases don't fit both.
I'm looking for a cover for my new Ipad 3rd Generation. I had ordered the Targus Versavu case which had great reviews for the Ipad 2. After the reviews for the Ipad 3 case started to come in at Amazon I cancelled my order. It seems the case does not fit properly and won't put the Ipad to sleep. Does anyone have a recommendation for a case for the new Ipad?
My credit card covers an additional year for free. When the 2 years coverage is up, I can purchase additional years for less than the cost of Apple Care.
Sorry to be so ignorant but what is line 2? I was going to use Google Voice or Skype?
Thanks, I ordered the black, verizon, 4G LTE with 32G.
I just found this great website that answers my question. http://www.imore.com/2012/03/08/16gb...ipad-capacity/
The Ipad 3rd Generation will be my first device. I don't have a cell phone so I will be using Google Voice on my Ipad. I was going to buy the 32G. I probably will watch T.V. shows, some movies, a small amount of music, books and several magazines. I also will download photos, games and Apps. Is the 32G enough for me?
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