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Eh. I've ran FaceTime over 3G multiple times on my Jailbroken devices, and to be honest, the experience wouldn't be what I would consider "Apple Quality" ... but then again, neither is the Siri experience. 4G on the other hand would handle FaceTime flawlessly.
If only Siri was, you know, actually useful for the iPad. I'm sure that Apple assumes if you're buying a new iPad, you probably already have the iPhone 4S. But honestly, the only real thing I ever use Siri for is hands free texting ... and I haven't done that since 2011. That dumb broad doesn't understand half the words I say. Crossing my fingers for an updated Siri with the new LTE iPhone. Preferably one that can tell when I'm pausing or asking a question.
My first gen iPad was 16GB. That was kind of hard to work with. I think 32GB is the perfect middle ground.
What do you think? Will the iPad 3 allow this? I haven't read anything about it. I think it would be a welcome improvement to the FaceTime platform. Discuss~
Wait, wait, wait. First of all, why are you mad about this? Yes, your android tablets are going to be considerably heavier than the iPad. That being said, if the iPad 2 is "too heavy" for one hand, you should probably hit the gym, my man.
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