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If removing all the ports on the Macbook didn't make people jump ship, this probably will get the ball rolling.
I really wanted one of these but the lack of Force Touch just told me I need to wait.
People don't upgrade their iPads every two years like their iPhones. The iPad 2 is still the most popular iPad and it's 4 years old.
I agree with this review. It's built solid and every bit as good as my Xbox One controller.
I could have picked one up at my Apple Store, but there were no Pencils and there won't be for over a month. Another Apple launch failure.
All they had to do was to read these forums to see how the movie was going to do. To sum it up...   1. Michael Fassbender doesn't look like Steve Jobs. It doesn't matter how well he acts. 2. His friends, family and fans didn't want the movie made. 3. "I'll watch it on Netflix."
The app store is the equivalent of Microsoft's when it launched. Tons of garbage. If you like two dozen different variations of fireplaces and aquariums, amateur versions of Space Invaders and Asteroids, a dozen variations of Flappy Bird, boring weather apps and games that look like they were imported from the Nintendo Wii, have fun. The Apple TV app store launched with no killer app. At this point, you are a 1st generation app store user. Return it and wait for version...
What's fascinating about all of this, is the hype surrounding this movie for months couldn't save it. My bulls**t sensors are finely tuned. Now that it has bombed, everyone is on the suck bandwagon.
It bombed. No one cares.
See that Surface poster in the window? There's nothing sexy about that fatty.
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