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... and Morgan Freeman as Abraham Lincoln.
...which is why I'm not seeing it.
You lost me at "A humanizing, honest and emotional portrayal" considering the people he worked with said that much of the movie never happened the way it did.
"Jeeves, please turn on the Burberry channel while you drive me to the Billionaire's Club, and I don't want to be disrupted while listening. Now pass me the Grey Poupon to put on my duck."
Live photos is disturbing to me. It's taking pictures when you launch the app? Along with Photo Stream and iCloud? I've been on Apple's side for almost 30 years, but that draws the line. I don't trust it and I'm not using it.
This is what the production companies do when the movie sucks, to wring out any money they can get before it goes to DVD.   Enthralling! Superb! Wonderful!
Captain Obvious recommends this article.
Give the money to the employees and close down.
The thinner the phone is, the less material is used to make millions of phones. Keep the phone at the same price for years = massive profits. The most annoying is the MacBook. Remove all of the ports, except for one. Keep it generally the same price and make the consumer pay for the external devices needed. Less ports, less engineering, thinner design = massive profits.
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