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Better to leave now than get fired later. I wonder how many people cancelled their pre-orders and ordered a PS4. Microsoft seriously damaged the XBOX's reputation and for me, it's not reversible.
Am I the only one that notices how much smaller this is than an iPhone? This is 1/3 smaller.
I would love to see Apple clothesline all of these rumors if "iWatch" is actually the TV set.
I don't know anyone in love with their Android phone.
Unexpected? I wouldn't say that.
Microsoft has almost no market share.
I think Apple blew it by not opening up the App Store to Apple TV this year. A casual gaming console could have taken market share away from Nintnedo, XBOX and Playstation.
The Walmart near me in Dallas had a Galaxy Tab in the iPad display for a month until I told a manager.
The comments I read are true, you really are crazy.  
Ballmer is the one that needs to go in the first place. They are too far gone. At this point they are Blackberry or Palm, just with a lot more money to throw at the problem. By this time next year all they will have to rely on is XBOX, internet services such as Bing and what's left of Office.
New Posts  All Forums: