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For "for non-commercial use" as if there's any use for it at all?  It's 35 years old and has no relevancy anymore. That's like IBM making their punch cards open source.
Apple TV would fly off the shelves if Apple would just put the App Store on it.
Microsoft's impeccable attention to detail is why they are the #1 maker of tablets on the planet.
New product training. Is that such a huge surprise?
iTunes Radio is Ping to me. Tried it, I just don't get it.
I think 2014 is going to be the year Microsoft starts laying people off.
I don't buy AppleCare BECAUSE I'm buying an Apple product that I expect to be as well made as any luxury product. I used to buy AppleCare and never used it after spending all of that money for it.   The extended warranty industry is as much of a scam as pay day loans. Those defective displays are from no fault of the user and Apple needs to fix them before they tarnish their image.
I'm sorry, I thought I came to Appleinsider.com to read Apple news. I must have clicked the wrong bookmark or something.
The keynote said that Snow Leopard users would be able to upgrade to Mavericks for free?
It's all perfect common sense. Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro are the top selling tablets even though they haven't been released yet and no one has used them. Can't you all see the logic in this?
New Posts  All Forums: