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I guess you could call it a "Back DoorBuster" sale.
Apparently, almost everyone that wanted a tablet bought one and didn't see the need to buy a second one for several years.
That iMac 5K price from B&H Photo is too good to pass up so I bought one. Not only is it $2299, it has free shipping and no tax!! I saved $500.
I can go to Fry's and see a half dozen 4K TV sets for about $3-4,000.
 Pixar would have had it done by now.
 Same here. I'm sick of hearing about it.
 "Computer... Hellooo computer."
A child will die regardless.
Runs fine on 10.10.1 for me. It's also faster than Safari.
I'm never paying $250 for a thermostat.
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