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It's fake or wrong. Google glass hasn't innovated anything.
It's going to fail because they are still using gimmicks to trick people. Like the picture shown above. The Macbook Air weighs more than the Surface? Of course it does. The Surface doesn't a have a keyboard. Who in that audience is going to blog without a keyboard? No one. World's thinnest Core device (without a keyboard). Add a keyboard and the surface is $899. The same price as a Macbook Air, except the Air has an i5 processor, 128GB of flash and a full size...
No way in hell. That's more expensive than an iPad. I bought one if these a year ago but returned it because the controls were too small, and I couldn't justify the cost.  Whatever unit you buy, expect to add $250 to the cost for the wiring  harness, iPhone adapter (no this does not come with the unit) and to keep your steering wheel controls.   Major firmware updates almost never go smoothly or work at all. I would wait unit the firmware is actually shipping in the unit.
My gut tells me that going down the road, this guy is bad news.
HOOORAY!!!! Everything works for you! That's awesome. What a magical day. Congratulations!
 Audio doesn't work with Apple TV. Was it really necessary to be a smart @ss?
That would be nice. I actually had a reason to use it a few weeks ago and couldn't get it to work.
I have one with a 40GB hard drive in my garage. I had no idea it was rare. It runs perfect, but aside from nostalgia, it's really of no use anymore.
I guess I'm tired of Nintendo rehashing their old titles - changing them up just enough to barely make the game different for it's next console. I saw nothing in the Wii U that wanted me to upgrade.
My company has 200 employees and we all use Google Apps.
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