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Dear Apple,   Please quit turning into Microsoft.   Thanks, Brian
And this is absolutely the difference between Apple and Samsung. Apple doesn't need to be first, they need to be best. Samsung needs to be first and their products suck as a result.
I think I made a mistake getting the Plus. Because of my vision, I've held a case at AT&T and it's huge. Maybe I can sell it to China and make a profit and just get a regular iPhone 6.
Now if it folded in half, it would be a flip phone!
Good. He can run and get my iPhone 6. It's in Louisville.
While I have to wait until October 1 to get my iPhone, this was my last pre-order. Last time I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 I didn't get it for 6 weeks while people were walking out of the stores with them.  Apple is never going to get this right. Tim said himself this would be the mother of all upgrades and even though they had time to ramp up production and upgrade servers, they still failed and now most people aren't going to get their iPhone +'s until November.   I was...
Annie Lennox. Sting. Do the rest yourself.
Personally, I'm getting sick of Apple coughing up U2 hairballs. There are other artists out there that do just as much, if not more than what U2 has accomplished.
My Apple fanboy is wearing thin.
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