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My Apple fanboy is wearing thin.
What it comes down to is this. Anything you store in the cloud is lawfully accessible by any government agency with a warrant (and as we have found out with the NSA lately, without a warrant). iCloud Keychain, credit cards, photos, everything. It's up to the user, who almost everyone taps on "Accept" when "reading" the license agreement to be responsible.
What part of the story that you read did you not understand? "The safeguards do not apply to other services including iCloud, however, meaning any data stored offsite is fair game for government seizure."
"Thanks for the free advertising." -- Apple
Can't stand it anymore. 2 hours. I finally got through after 90 minutes and it wouldn't accept my at&t passcode. Tim, you suck. Yes, you.
This happens EVERY time. Tomorrow we will hear the excuses. "Unprecedented demand."
I SWEAR TO GOD if I stayed up this late and they are already sold out I will never preorder anything from them ever again after I waited 1 1/2 months for my iPhone 5.
App store on my iPhone says the silver 64GB + is already sold out. But shipping is free!
They have a history of doing stuff like this to build up anticipation.
Dear Apple,   I woke up drunk and have to go to work in 6 hours. Let's move it along, please.
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