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I've got this down. News reports say Apple TV is imminent. Jim Dalrymple says, "Nope." 2 weeks later, Apple launches new "Apple TV-like" product called "Air TV". Jim Dalrymple says, "You guys said "Apple TV"."
Gay people have a ton of disposable income. Arizona would have missed out on a lot of it.
Switching the screen to black and white to save power is a brilliant idea.
Try and open up Notepad. That's everything that is wrong with Windows 8.
This is called desperation. I think the layoffs will start within the next year.
Congratulations. This is one of the stupidest postings I've read on here in a long time.
If these pics are real, Apple legal will have them removed.
And then there are people that choose to keep them to reminisce. I have all of my old phones back to my Motorola RAZR and I power it up now and then.
Apple isn't going to win this fight. Start from scratch like FOX did in 1986 and produce original content.
New Posts  All Forums: