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This makes no sense to me. The previous generation iPhones have been the cheaper models. I would rather have a high grade last generation model than a new, underpowered, plastic one.
I think the biggest concern is what this is going to cost. Apple removing internal component upgrades means the cost of external components is passed on to the consumer. Thunderbolt components are expensive. If Apple is going to keep the Mac Pro the same price as the previous generation then I have a serious problem with upgrading. The benchmark scores compared to the previous version are not nearly as impressive as the keynote said they were.
I don't understand the redesign of the ribbon cable. It takes significant resources to redesign and retool something. I see no benefit to this unless they are going to add another feature to the phone. After taking my iPhone 5 apart to replace the microphone, it looks like the ribbon cable would have to reach farther for something.
Because history is rarely taught anymore. Kids today don't even know that a potato is a vegetable, not a french fry.  
This is why Apple doesn't make a $199 tablet.
I don't agree with Steve, which is rare. Anyone that receives a decent education will learn that much of the computer equipment they are using was possible because of Steve Jobs, just as the electricity they are using was possible because of Thomas Edison and the vehicle they drive everyday was because of Henry Ford.
What the hell? I used that app to record conversations. So they remove something useful and keep the Stocks app that no one uses?
Getting one of these in school is like getting a marked up 20 year old math book. Kids are going to stomp on this thing.
I don't want to do my work in a web browser. January will be 5 years since the current version of iWork was released.
Apple will bring most of it's products back to the U.S. because they can't keep their products secret if they are manufactured outside of the country.
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