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I love the first picture. Like the Nexus' are falling like domino's. Because they suck. Even marketing can't get anything right.
I love scrolling through hundreds of channels with the remote. It's a lot of fun!
Projected revenue isn't what Sony thought it would be. The movie was collateral damage. I imaging Universal picked up the project, but only with budget cuts, which caused everyone to bail. Now Sorkin is in vulture mode, picking his previous actors for scraps.
I've determined the script sucks.
Any magazine that can give Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin award stature has no credibility with me. They even gave it to Planet Earth one year.
Mr. Zuckerberg,   You have fuc*ing ads plastered all over my wall, in which 99% of them don't pertain to me and I won't click on the other 1%. This means you are not and will never make money off of me.   Face it, you sold out when Facebook went public. Deal with it.
This is what happens when you have to run to catch up.
This is going to get tossed out.
 I was thinking the same thing. As far as I'm aware, what projects they haven't copied from Apple have failed.
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