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No showing up in software update which means this is a major release that can't be updated. They probably removed all of the debugging stuff.
 Thanks for your opinion.
Where's the pride in being first to rush a piece of sh** to market. Now Apple will come out with one and make Samsung's look like a toy.
This isn't a fair test because all the phones except the 5C and 5S are not running their native OS version. It's well known that upgrading to the last supported version of the OS slows the device down.
They may have been gold, but they sure are tacky. Additionally, gold phones have been made since phones have existed.
You can't create an iOS app on an iOS device. You need a Mac to do that. Artists, videographers, designers all need large screens and Macs.   Apple will simply scale-down the Mac business accordingly.
You can block any call. Go to Recents, click the "i" icon next to the number, scroll down and click "Block This Caller".
Solar power has always been common sense to me since they put them on calculators 30 years ago. They don't have to necessarily power the whole phone, but they can keep the battery charged longer.
What about the Mac???????????????????
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