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 "Computer... Hellooo computer."
A child will die regardless.
Runs fine on 10.10.1 for me. It's also faster than Safari.
I'm never paying $250 for a thermostat.
Intel can't lose money on business they never had.
Apple has always talked about owning their own hardware and software. Next transition for the Macs - ARM.
Thanks for thew review. Now I'm even more sure I don't want this. Just mirror what's on the iPhone screen. Apparently that's too much to ask for.
 He was 75% right.
I'm sure it will all work flawlessly.
Hell, no. A 16GB flash drive, which is what this is, is $8. This thing is a $50 premium, save for the app that's needed. Apple must have one hell of a licensing cost to use that Lightning connector.
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