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If Ashton Kutcher himself were standing outside the theater and told me I could see it for free I wouldn't watch it.  
No thanks.
"Media Arts Lab personnel are said to be frustrated when Schiller nixes an ad idea." Let me rephrase this. "After Steve Jobs died we thought our jobs would get easier and Phil keeps making it hard on us."
Ok where are the screen shots of Mavericks?
It was well known that Apple pulled engineers off of Mavericks to work on iOS 7.
Making it round saves on materials. When you have a square you have all of that wasted space near the corners.  
My Apple is back.
Adobe is dead to me.
For the past few weeks I've been humming along patiently for the 10th. Yeah, graphics are going up. Then they put up that OS X banner and it's driving me crazy. I have no idea what to make of it because they haven't done anything like that in the past. A wave??
They have obviously never worked with Apple before. Never going to happen.
New Posts  All Forums: