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3D died in the 1950's. It died again in the 1980's. Now it's gasping for air.
Does it matter? That amount of gold on that watch doesn't exceed the initial cost in the future.
And in 5 years when Apple stops supporting it and the battery won't hold a charge anymore, it will be worth $100.
Well, Apple abandoned the 4" iPhone screen this year, so I can believe it.
Ashton Kutcher is available.
If anything, it would be called the iPad Plus.
If it weren't for mole, moron Schmidt that can't keep his mouth shut, they wouldn't have an Android business. Google and Samsung are Microsoft. They better realize that. Samsung is already where Microsoft was 5 years ago.
Samsung is Microsoft. They copy instead of innovate and they will follow in the same footsteps Microsoft has.
Even Samsung's logo sucks. A crooked oval. Wow.
When Apple revolutionizes battery technology (with Tesla), Samsung can say goodbye to their phone business.
New Posts  All Forums: