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I really don't care anymore. I'm sick of the bickering back and forth. There's plenty of content to release new hardware.
I was looking forward to replacing my iMac, but if the processor is only getting a 100mhz speed bump, I'm not interested.
If you work for Blackberry, you better be looking for a new job.
Uhhhh, I wouldn't call Beats "premium".  Expensive, yes. Premium, no.
Swift is the most important thing Apple has released since the iPhone. It shows that their forward thinking is so far ahead of the competition and they aren't standing still. If Microsoft isn't in the process of writing Windows or their compiler from scratch, they're done. Companies have put up with their security holes since Windows 3.11.
This must mean they are close to bankruptcy again!
That's one of the best Apple ads I've seen in a while.
Yeah, I have a feeling that once again, I'm still going to be waiting for 2 months after I order it until I get my phone. The only iPhone I've ever been able to get within launch week was the original one.
 I agree. I'm wondering if portions of the OS were re-written because system applications are opening up on my iMac in half a bounce and that has never happened with any of the previous OS's.
I admit I have Samsung screen envy, but that's doesn't mean I'm going to buy one. In 2 months this commercial will be irrelevant.
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