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As expected, it looks like **it.
If Microsoft doesn't believe in karma, maybe they should start.
Those workers should have been spooked when Vista, Zune, Surface and Windows 8 failed.
It may be too late.
The cable companies are f*cked.
This is one of the areas where Steve was wrong. What are Mac professionals supposed to use? Windows? Did he really want to send 5% of his customers over to Windows? He said he didn't care about market share.   I mean, seriously. Are you actually going to turn your pro customers over to the competition?
BS. Apple has come out with innovative products every 3-4 years. It's scheduled. They are working on car stereos. That alone is HUGE. If Apple can come out with a double din iOS unit in 2014, it will forever change the auto and car stereo industry. I have a 2010 Dodge RAM that has the POS uConnect. If Apple came out with an iOS unit to replace it for $399 I would buy it in a second.
The Home button is too small to be a finger print reader. I remember several years ago Apple was experimenting with putting "camera" technology inside the screen. What is able to withstand salt, oil, etc? The screen. What best for reading the fingerprint of a large finger? The screen. It's the screen.
Don't forget to call Time Warner and tell them you want compensation for the outage.
1 star for AppleInsider reviewing a Google device.
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