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Robots put workers out of jobs. So now we have thousands of workers that only know how to put iPhones together, unable to support themselves and their families.
I bought this POS at Fry's. After 3 months of this POS and getting no help from Parrot, I returned it and said, "I have been shopping at Fry's for almost 20 years and you are going to take this POS back, I don't care if it's past 30 days. Send it back to the factory as defective." It crashed 3 times a day. It's essentially a computer so it takes up to 30 seconds to boot, which in itself is a reason to return it. There were popping noises when playing music from my phone....
We're going to tell you what you should listen to, and you're going to pay for it, but never own it.   Absolutely brilliant.
I'm sure it will be of the highest quality with 48 hour battery life.
No no! They're pining!
Now everyone that shops at Walmart can have one! Well, at least for a month before they can't afford to pay the first bill.
If I had based my opinion of T-Mobile off that picture, I would have run, screaming in the other direction.
 Why are you justifying something you don't know anything about? Just because you feel that something should work the way YOU feel it should work, doesn't mean you get to break the law to do it.The correct way for Aereo to do it would have been to license the broadcasting from the networks they were stealing from. 
It's not up to Aereo to decide that they can steal copyrighted material and rebroadcast it. That has been illegal since TV and radio started.
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