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 Find it yourself?
It's a "We have millions of these sitting on the shelves so we need to throw more advertising out there to get rid of them" campaign. I know polka dots are in style right now, but those cases are hideous.
Apparently the company is fond of the Nintendo Wii logo.
The 5S is a failure. Apple is not going to take design cues from a failed design.
Not only do I not know anyone that has one, I have never seen anyone with one.
BLOCK CALLS APPLE! How many people have to ask for this?
I've got this down. News reports say Apple TV is imminent. Jim Dalrymple says, "Nope." 2 weeks later, Apple launches new "Apple TV-like" product called "Air TV". Jim Dalrymple says, "You guys said "Apple TV"."
Gay people have a ton of disposable income. Arizona would have missed out on a lot of it.
Switching the screen to black and white to save power is a brilliant idea.
New Posts  All Forums: