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This is the NSA's dream.
Lower the price $100 and double the price of the RAM.
They didn't upgrade any of the non-retina iMacs either, which means it's going to be another year. Damn you, Intel!
I did a clean install of Yosemite. It takes up 11.6GB on my disk and I have not installed anything else. When I use Time Machine to back up, Time Machine shows that it's backing up 44GB. WTH?
I'm willing to bet we're about to say goodbye to OS X Server in the next few years.
The build number is 14A389.
 Did you try leaving the password field blank and just clicking OK?
I did a clean install of Yosemite and installed nothing else. It takes up 12gb on my drive. I went to back it up using Time Machine and it says it's backing up 42GB. WTH?   It's like Time Machine is backing up my entire partition.
1GB to go!
I'm downloading it wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: