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I HATE what modern technology has done to magazines. I don't like all of this distracting interactivity. I'm not reading a text book. I want the article and some pictures. Men's Health is a prime example of screwing up a great magazine.
Safari in iOS 7 does this.
They had to pick blue? This is going to be a disaster. It was just on the news.
What I've learn in my experience in graphic design, marketing and logo design, never use a letter to help brand your product. When you let people guess what the letter means, they will usually think the worst. "Cheap".
It's hard to take anyone seriously when they're dressed like a pumpkin.
They can't even make a commercial on their own without copying it.
No showing up in software update which means this is a major release that can't be updated. They probably removed all of the debugging stuff.
 Thanks for your opinion.
Where's the pride in being first to rush a piece of sh** to market. Now Apple will come out with one and make Samsung's look like a toy.
This isn't a fair test because all the phones except the 5C and 5S are not running their native OS version. It's well known that upgrading to the last supported version of the OS slows the device down.
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