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See what you did Apple? You made them give the software bad ratings. Now I guess you will have to support Windows Phone so you don't get any more 1 star ratings.
It's not his responsibility to point out Apple's flaws by hacking their servers. The correct approach would be to speak with Apple first and let them handle it. If they don't want to fix it it's their problem. If he gets prosecuted, it's his fault.
Microsoft doesn't have an A game because they can't innovate anything. Everything they have done was copied from someone else thinking they could throw their money and marketing at it to make it work.
It's the ecosystem. People are already invested in their apps, movies, music and photos. There are few people willing to start fresh with Microsofts ecosystem. Apple knew what they were doing and it worked.
Apple Developer Connection is horribly outdated. It still has portions of the UI going back to the year 2000.
Did they seriously use a drop shadow on that text?
No thanks.
I never really understood this bezel thing. Get rid of the bezel and ignore the touch commands through the software.
He looks like a pumpkin.
New Posts  All Forums: