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I don't know what Google's board of directors see in this guy. A patsy perhaps?
The cheapest Pioneer unit is $600. I don't need CarPlay that bad.
The don't have the combination for my safe. Should that be illegal?
I have no problem dumping PayPal if it comes to that.
As I remember, Apple also was supposed to jump from Mac OS 8 to OS X, but delays meant they had to release an interim OS 9.
If you're expecting to do a clean install using the Yosemite restore partition don't. I get an error that says, "Item not available."
There were 8 developer previews, not 6.
If you want your documents, pictures, etc. safe, don't store them in the cloud. Period.
DAMMIT! I was just going to downgrade my mom's 4S when I got home from work.
They can't download what's in my brain, so what's the difference? If the FBI wants to get into a phone, they will just have the figure it out on their own.
New Posts  All Forums: