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Thunderbolt is a failure just like Firewire. The accessories are too expensive. USB3 is all I care about now.
The chip will also bring 50% more battery life to competing laptops. I wish Apple would stop concentrating on how thin they can make something. Make it 2mm thicker and give me an all day battery.
No thank you.
If it's 1 1/2 years away Apple may as well forget it. Samsung is going to have these things to market way before then.
Too late.
Build them a wooden iPhone. They will snap it up.
I bought a bumper at the mall for $15. It fits and looks great, doesn't have logos plastered all over it and didn't need a 2 page article.
It's not like it's called "Bang Your Friends". Geez.
Yeah, if we wanted 1 day battery life.
"Nice" CEO's don't get anything done. Tim Cook is a coddler while Steve Jobs was a doer. Steve must be rolling in his grave right now. For me, I've patiently waited. My Mac Pro is 5 years old. WWDC better be a head turner or I'll finally be convinced this company "DNA" Steve talked about doesn't exist.  
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