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This makes no sense to me. The Weather Channel gets their data from the National Weather Service offices around the country. So why didn't Apple just go to them instead?
No company builds a campus as big as the Pentagon with the intention of just selling iDevices. Apple must have some big stuff planned.
Steve Jobs' reality distortion field was true it seems, because it's definitely not working here. The Geekbench marks for this machine are equivalent to my 2007 iMac Core 2 Duo. This should have been an $899 machine.
"LLVM not only powers Apple's software, but is also tightly integrated into the development of Apple's custom silicon, including the A6 and A7 Application Processors." And there we have the proof that Apple with put A chips in their Macs.
They really should drop the 2007 iMac. It's almost unusable under Mavericks with 4GB of RAM. There are just too many services running in the background and that's just going to increase in Yosemite.
Welcome, A8 powered iMac.
I'm the same way. If you don't care, then you're wasting your time and mine. You're fired.
"WIN!" -- NSA
It's fake or wrong. Google glass hasn't innovated anything.
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