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Just the other day I walked into my living room and thought, "Why don't I have a $250 thermostat where the screen comes on when I walk in the room? Then I read this story.
I think what they could be doing is producing movies that are released directly to iTunes.
3 people cared.
Then web developers stop developing for Safari because they don't make any money when someone uses it.
This was tried in the 90's. People found that they saved some water and it took 3x longer to take a shower.
Where's my rose gold iMac??
Haiti was a tourist attraction until the 1980's. Naive citizens put their faith in their corrupt government and had everything stolen from them.  Now they live like this.  This is what living off of government hand-outs gets you.
Not feeling it.
The iTunes icon in the screenshot of El Capitan on Apple's website is rainbow colored.
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