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Then what's the point?
I don't buy the first run of anything Apple anymore. I got screwed with the first versions of the iPhone and iPad.
Absolutely nothing could go wrong with this. Nothing.
If Steve Jobs had looked like Michael Douglas, Fassbender would have been a great fit.
It's sponsored by CNN, which has a history of distorting the truth and outright lying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWY14eyMFg
Captain Obvious says, "It's in the headline of the story."
Would you guys quit calling it a damn MacBook Air? It's a MacBook. No Air.
It's not a MacBook Air. It's a MacBook.
Here, folks is how Apple makes insane amounts of money. They keep making things smaller to save money on material and production costs. Hey! It’s a better product for the same amount of money they have always been charging – but now you have to buy all of the external devices that used to be included. Adapters, cables, hard drives. Now you bought a MacBook that costs practically the same as 7 years ago, but now you’ve had to pay 25% more in accessories.
And that $30k Gold Rolex will still be running for decades. 
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