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Absolutely nothing could go wrong with this. Nothing.
If Steve Jobs had looked like Michael Douglas, Fassbender would have been a great fit.
It's sponsored by CNN, which has a history of distorting the truth and outright lying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWY14eyMFg
Captain Obvious says, "It's in the headline of the story."
Would you guys quit calling it a damn MacBook Air? It's a MacBook. No Air.
It's not a MacBook Air. It's a MacBook.
Here, folks is how Apple makes insane amounts of money. They keep making things smaller to save money on material and production costs. Hey! It’s a better product for the same amount of money they have always been charging – but now you have to buy all of the external devices that used to be included. Adapters, cables, hard drives. Now you bought a MacBook that costs practically the same as 7 years ago, but now you’ve had to pay 25% more in accessories.
And that $30k Gold Rolex will still be running for decades. 
I wouldn't pay $15 a month. If all these channels are going to add up to what my cable bill is, then there's no point in this business model.
Apple doesn't do unions.
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