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 I agree. I'm wondering if portions of the OS were re-written because system applications are opening up on my iMac in half a bounce and that has never happened with any of the previous OS's.
I admit I have Samsung screen envy, but that's doesn't mean I'm going to buy one. In 2 months this commercial will be irrelevant.
 Well, let's see. He helped cover up Benghazi, lied about it, got caught and resigned over it. So it appears that he sucks at his job and he's potentially a criminal.
What a racket the NFL's got going, but people just keep forking the money over.
I'm starting to feel sorry for Microsoft. But that's ok.   If Microsoft were human, this would be their gang fu**.
If Microsoft isn't in the process of re-writing an operating system from scratch, they are dead.
I'm HOPING that's all sarcasm. The man helped cover up Benghazi. He got caught = he sucks at his job.
Tim must be drinking tap water. Even the fu**ing guy's name is CARNEY.
Having been in contract manufacturing for 5 years, this is simply lipstick on a pig. The Chinese simply don't have the work ethics and technological knowledge to compete with Apple.
The sound quality is so bad I would consider Beats to be a Chinese knockoff.
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