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I wouldn't pay $15 a month. If all these channels are going to add up to what my cable bill is, then there's no point in this business model.
Apple doesn't do unions.
If A123 is in bankruptcy, they don't stand a chance. The employees obviously are not stupid. Work for Apple, or work for a bankrupt company?
Electric/Driverless cars need operating systems. Apple has OS X.  The only way Apple can make a car operating system is to make a car to test it.  I would trust Apple's OS over anyone else's.   So while they may not be making a car for the public, they want to get their OS into as many cars as possible to control the ecosystem - just like they did with the iPod, Mac, iPhone and iPad.
Still don't believe it.
I still think it has something to do with batteries/electronics. A few years ago I remember reading something about Apple wanting to use Tesla for the battery tech when Tesla builds their new $1 billion battery factory.
That's nice. Where's my lossless music?
Or Intel is selling their share because they plan on investing in another competing company.
I don't recall someone whining about a stock and then it immediately goes up.
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