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Britto needs to stop copying Picasso.
My best years were with Razormaid! <3 As for the difference between regular Beats and Pro, I didn't know there was a Pro. The ones I listened to in the store sucked, as well as the price and I had no desire to investigate further. You have one chance to impress the consumer and Beats lost me. I'll stick with my studio Sony's.
Lipstick on a pig.
FM is free. So are internet radio stations.
This is probably the first Mac I have no desire to own. The price is ridiculous.
Unless the picture is obscured, it's too narrow to be an Apple Watch. His Instagram video doesn't match what he's wearing in the picture.
Then what's the point?
I don't buy the first run of anything Apple anymore. I got screwed with the first versions of the iPhone and iPad.
Absolutely nothing could go wrong with this. Nothing.
If Steve Jobs had looked like Michael Douglas, Fassbender would have been a great fit.
New Posts  All Forums: