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If they don't release at least the developer kit they are going to have to wait until next year.
I'm not interested in putting someone else's earphones in my ears. Gross.
If they push it onto my iPhone, I'm going to consider my iPhone permanently contaminated and will have Apple get me a new phone.
The only way Apple is going to come out with a TV is if it's a virtual reality set.
Most likely because of the gigantic budget cut.
This guy needs to just shut up already. It's trading at what it is because that's what it is.
No third party should have he ability to corrupt a database. This is an Apple problem.
The British accent...
It's not that the merger wouldn't have been a bad thing. It's because Comcast didn't want the DOJ digging around in it's shitty business practices.
Britto needs to stop copying Picasso.
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