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I wouldn't leave Tesla either for some "experimental" Apple project that may end up just being another "hobby". If Apple is failing to recruit Tesla employees it's because those people don't want to leave a good thing for something that may fail.
 I find it hard to believe Apple is going into the mini-van business. Soccer moms everywhere will be so disappointed. I think Apple is more interested in hiring them for battery technology since the Apple Watch won't even last 24 hours.
Universal has their foot on the movies ass and shoving it out the door.
Didn't see that one coming.
Embarrassing to watch.
Samsung has had what, 6 months to copy Apple? Like everything else they do, it will be sh**.
 Because many people that may have a medical problem may not enjoy standing around for an hour waiting for their iPhone or whatever to get fixed.
I'm glad they are going to implement seating and have always thought how stupid it is not to have it. It was Steve Jobs' Apple not listening to the customer and thinking more about cost per square foot to cram as many people in as possible.
I'm a lossless audio guy, and you are not going to notice the difference between an MP3 and lossless audio file unless you have top quality headphones/speakers. If you have those then you will notice a huge difference.
I didn't need to see JOBS (and still haven't) to know the movie was going to iBomb while it was being made.
New Posts  All Forums: