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 Audio doesn't work with Apple TV. Was it really necessary to be a smart @ss?
That would be nice. I actually had a reason to use it a few weeks ago and couldn't get it to work.
I have one with a 40GB hard drive in my garage. I had no idea it was rare. It runs perfect, but aside from nostalgia, it's really of no use anymore.
I guess I'm tired of Nintendo rehashing their old titles - changing them up just enough to barely make the game different for it's next console. I saw nothing in the Wii U that wanted me to upgrade.
My company has 200 employees and we all use Google Apps.
"Whatever..." -- Everyone.
Microsoft could have shaved 60 seconds off that video and still got their point across.
I wonder what's next for the iMac. It can't get much thinner. It can't get much bigger. They can throw a SSD drive in them to make them a little thinner, but then what?
Now that was one of the coolest commercials in a LONG time.
DiCapro looks nothing like Steve and he's not nearly as tall.
New Posts  All Forums: