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I guess I'm tired of Nintendo rehashing their old titles - changing them up just enough to barely make the game different for it's next console. I saw nothing in the Wii U that wanted me to upgrade.
My company has 200 employees and we all use Google Apps.
"Whatever..." -- Everyone.
Microsoft could have shaved 60 seconds off that video and still got their point across.
I wonder what's next for the iMac. It can't get much thinner. It can't get much bigger. They can throw a SSD drive in them to make them a little thinner, but then what?
Now that was one of the coolest commercials in a LONG time.
DiCapro looks nothing like Steve and he's not nearly as tall.
I hope that 3D dock will be GONE.
Apple is going to buy Yahoo. Ever since Yahoo came out with that Weather app with the Jony Ive design treatment all over it, it's been a gut feeling. I think Apple is grooming Yahoo! into something they can buy in the next several years, then BAM! Perfect merger.
Apple needs to make an ad for that.
New Posts  All Forums: