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I don't understand where to add 3rd party widgets.
OMG all of his babbling. I couldn't make it half way through the video.
This is the NSA's dream.
Lower the price $100 and double the price of the RAM.
They didn't upgrade any of the non-retina iMacs either, which means it's going to be another year. Damn you, Intel!
I did a clean install of Yosemite. It takes up 11.6GB on my disk and I have not installed anything else. When I use Time Machine to back up, Time Machine shows that it's backing up 44GB. WTH?
I'm willing to bet we're about to say goodbye to OS X Server in the next few years.
The build number is 14A389.
 Did you try leaving the password field blank and just clicking OK?
I did a clean install of Yosemite and installed nothing else. It takes up 12gb on my drive. I went to back it up using Time Machine and it says it's backing up 42GB. WTH?   It's like Time Machine is backing up my entire partition.
New Posts  All Forums: