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I really don't think Apple is going to use a brand new connector when they just spent several years creating the Lightning port.   If anything they will likely make the port on the MacBook Air a Lightning port to match the iPad and iPhone.
I wish people would quit reporting that it's a free upgrade without reporting that it's free for the first year, then you pay a subscription fee.
This picture is all you need to know.
You can't take the crime out of Crimea.
I used to be excited about this.
No big deal. Even when I bought the digital version it was boring. By the time the new issue would come out you would have read it on the internet. MacWorld next...
I don't see how they would be able to do this without touching Apple's patents.
Steve Jobs was alive when they started using custom ARM chips in Apple products and there is no doubt in my mind that it was designed from the beginning to run OS X. We don't know what Apple's ARM processors are fully capable of because they have not been pushed to their limits.
Innovation has nothing to do with it. Intel delayed their chips almost a year which cost Apple millions of dollars in lost sales.
This is clearly not the fault of the consumer. Apple is WRONG and they need to make it right.
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