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The cheapest Pioneer unit is $600. I don't need CarPlay that bad.
The don't have the combination for my safe. Should that be illegal?
I have no problem dumping PayPal if it comes to that.
As I remember, Apple also was supposed to jump from Mac OS 8 to OS X, but delays meant they had to release an interim OS 9.
If you're expecting to do a clean install using the Yosemite restore partition don't. I get an error that says, "Item not available."
There were 8 developer previews, not 6.
If you want your documents, pictures, etc. safe, don't store them in the cloud. Period.
DAMMIT! I was just going to downgrade my mom's 4S when I got home from work.
They can't download what's in my brain, so what's the difference? If the FBI wants to get into a phone, they will just have the figure it out on their own.
For years I wondered what's Apple's obsession is with making something as small as possible while people want long battery life. The answer is all in the cost and profit margins. Less materials used means less cost and more profit. There is no way Apple tested this phone with it in their pockets because it's totally unacceptable. This is a HUGE deal because Apple can't just "fix" it like they have in the past with a case or screen protector. Class action lawsuit coming...
New Posts  All Forums: