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Samsung has had what, 6 months to copy Apple? Like everything else they do, it will be sh**.
 Because many people that may have a medical problem may not enjoy standing around for an hour waiting for their iPhone or whatever to get fixed.
I'm glad they are going to implement seating and have always thought how stupid it is not to have it. It was Steve Jobs' Apple not listening to the customer and thinking more about cost per square foot to cram as many people in as possible.
I'm a lossless audio guy, and you are not going to notice the difference between an MP3 and lossless audio file unless you have top quality headphones/speakers. If you have those then you will notice a huge difference.
I didn't need to see JOBS (and still haven't) to know the movie was going to iBomb while it was being made.
Slow-motion train wreck 25% complete.
The market is saturated. People don't buy tablets every two years like phones.
I was in Chicago visiting my family for Christmas. I rented an HD movie from the iTunes store and it took over an hour just to buffer it. Turns out my uncle only had 3mb down and 1 up. Paltry! At that rate the movie would have kept buffering.
I'll pass.
I used to care.
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