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Why not simply use the tools Apple provides by default and a little common sense? You have to change the browser setting in order for the zip file to launch.
It's about time. I'm sick of having to swim though pages of Chinese sh**.
It will get tossed. It's the equivalent of squatting on a domain name you never use.
Bye bye optical drive.
Embarrassing? Try a fu**ing disaster.
This whole magazine thing is a fu**ing disaster. I don't want an App that is a magazine. I want an App that holds my magazines. Zinio is the only App that's gotten it right. Prices are reasonable and every month my new issues are waiting and I don't have to do anything to get them.
Steve said at the keynote Apple was already working on the iPhone 3 years before it was introduced.
Here's what the actual problem is... "My iPhone is my child's babysitter but I don't have enough time to pay attention to what they are doing on it."
Beeble bloop! Bleeble blop! Beep beep!
Getting closer to Windows 95 every year...
New Posts  All Forums: