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I just think this is stupid, especially only a week before it's to be released. It's not like someone's going to copy the software in a week.
That developer is the reason Windows sucks. Windows developers don't want to move forward because it costs them money. This same thing happened with the DOS to Windows XP transition.
It's not hard to imagine that Apple already had this feature in the works for the past couple years and thought this man could help bring more to the table. Unfortunate coincidence.
Your Apple account ID.
Bye bye iChat.
Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is in denial and the board better wake up and replace him before the company ends up like Blockbuster. But that won't happen because the company is too important. So instead there will be a hostile takeover and guess who will buy them out?
Microsoft schooled Apple on this one, a week before Apple. You know Steve has to be pissed. You have to admit, no one saw Microsoft doing this so soon.
You're getting sick of it because these tech sites find it necessary to post every story about it.
This is what happens when a company rests on its laurels. Apple is constantly pushing forward while Blackberry just sat there thinking their technology was superior.
Yes, it's time Microsoft's hairy, sweaty, monkey car salesman steps down before permanent damage is done. It should have been done 10 years ago.
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