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Getting closer to Windows 95 every year...
Love ya, Woz. But if they haven't asked you back after all this time, they never will.
Of course teens want the iPhone. It's a luxury item for a popularity contest at school. But Mommy and Daddy have to shell out the extra $30 a month to use it. Most teenagers don't know how to care for or appreciate an iPhone, especially made of glass. They beat everything they use up. Ever see one of their laptops after one year?
This faux leather look scares me. Not just because it's butt ugly but because Apple thinks it looks good. What scares me even more is that it's going to make it into the final product because there's no way to get feedback to Apple.
The UI doesn't seem to be complete. It's missing the faux brown leather toolbar.
Not only was TechCrunch's prediction off, it was ridiculously off. Are they new to Apple? Developer previews - many, many beta builds then gold master. How could they expect a bug riddled developer preview and then gold master 2 months later?
Yes, because it's Microsoft's vision of the future that sold 50 million iPads. The execs at Microsoft need to step down and let a younger generation run the company. Otherwise Windows 11 will still support the 5 1/4" floppy drive. Can you imaging using Microsoft Word on your phone? Duh. The phones screen is only big enough for small things like contacts, mail and games. BARELY games.
Actually what he was implying is how much of a d|ck he is.
They didn't take into consideration the surprises Apple comes up with to knock Microsoft and everyone else back to the drawing board.
Because then I would have to reorder and wait another 4 weeks from that point. The whole thing is ridiculous.Like I said, Apple had my money and put it back into my account. I recall them doing this with people after the iPhone 4 launch where people were having their orders mysteriously cancelled.
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