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Schools aren't just going to switch over. That costs a ton of money and training. When administrators realize how little features are available to them, they won't consider it.
Interesting the Senate whines about breaking the law while they break our 4th Amendment rights to illegal search and seizure. Checkpoints are open to the public and not on private property. What's the difference if someone decided to stand down the street and post it to Twitter or Facebook? The non-removal of apps doesn't not cause death. The driver of the car does.
I just got an invitation to participate! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Beta User, Welcome to our half-assed music service! We at Google strive to beat everyone at everything and can never complete anything before releasing it. Please enjoy these initial 20 songs from our partnership with Muzak. In the coming months we will be adding tens more songs for your listening pleasure. Please focus testing on our innovative "listen...
This upgrade is ridiculous if not arrogant. I will wait for 6.
Why not simply use the tools Apple provides by default and a little common sense? You have to change the browser setting in order for the zip file to launch.
It's about time. I'm sick of having to swim though pages of Chinese sh**.
It will get tossed. It's the equivalent of squatting on a domain name you never use.
Bye bye optical drive.
Embarrassing? Try a fu**ing disaster.
This whole magazine thing is a fu**ing disaster. I don't want an App that is a magazine. I want an App that holds my magazines. Zinio is the only App that's gotten it right. Prices are reasonable and every month my new issues are waiting and I don't have to do anything to get them.
New Posts  All Forums: