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Wow, that's thrilling. I can't wait to buy something from the Apple Store now. New iPad displays give me a total hard on. If I have ever wanted to buy a Mac, now would be the time.
It's like Helen Keller trying to copy a Rembrandt.
If they have to lock their phones away in an office that means it's something physical so they can't sneak pictures.
Nintendo needs to have a "come to Jesus" meeting.
Just what we need - a pop up reminder that we are using Adobe's POS.
Thank you.
He may as well just said yes. Isn't "stay tuned" admitting something?
Buyer beware. You may think you're buying a used 2010 Mac Pro and you're actually getting a 2009. Check the model number on the back.
Schools aren't just going to switch over. That costs a ton of money and training. When administrators realize how little features are available to them, they won't consider it.
Interesting the Senate whines about breaking the law while they break our 4th Amendment rights to illegal search and seizure. Checkpoints are open to the public and not on private property. What's the difference if someone decided to stand down the street and post it to Twitter or Facebook? The non-removal of apps doesn't not cause death. The driver of the car does.
New Posts  All Forums: