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Good one.
Apple has a cheap iPhone. The 3GS is $49.00.
I think the crash thing is for developers testing the beta. Popping up a window like that is unprofessional.
Front Row was garbage and I won't miss it. The DVD artwork never worked over a shared library. And who wants to scroll through all their movies one at a time?
Either a million people are watching those videos or your server is running on an iBook. It shouldn't take 5 minutes to load a 30 second video.
I guess Adobe needs to get their sh*t together because those are some major changes.
I think the biggest news that has been overlooked is that Lion Server is built into OS X and it's free for everyone to use.
"...booming middle class, where everybody has got a shot at the American dream. And that should be our goal. Apparently our president thinks our country is comprised of middle and upper class.
Parents don't know what's going on their children's phone until the bill comes in. Great parenting.
New Posts  All Forums: