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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Apple comes out with a professional version of iWeb for us web designers that hate code.
Great. So when I'm having a heart attack I can't call 911.
Adobe certainly knows about that 19th century. That's how old the code is in their software.
You mean AT&T's newer, gentler logo didn't solve it's shitty service problems? *Gasp*
This story is the equivalent of Adobe saying "Put up your dukes!" as Apple laughs and walks away.
They are so fucked. "Sharing" whatever.
That's exactly what I thought when I read the article.
More like, Flash is an animated GIF.
Flash isn't a core part of the OS. Thanks
No Mr. Narayen, your products aren't bloated, ancient resource hogs. What's to be said for a CEO in denial? Adobe's products reflect his "there's no problem" attitude. Flash needs fucking hardware acceleration to increase it's speed so people can watch video without dragging their computers through the mud.
New Posts  All Forums: