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There's really no reason why the iPhone shouldn't have full voice recognition support by now.
I think there needs to be a laptop design revolution. I was looking at those pictures and was thinking how old and square laptops are. The Utilitarian look may be cost effective, but it's getting boring.
Good one.
Apple has a cheap iPhone. The 3GS is $49.00.
I think the crash thing is for developers testing the beta. Popping up a window like that is unprofessional.
Front Row was garbage and I won't miss it. The DVD artwork never worked over a shared library. And who wants to scroll through all their movies one at a time?
Either a million people are watching those videos or your server is running on an iBook. It shouldn't take 5 minutes to load a 30 second video.
I guess Adobe needs to get their sh*t together because those are some major changes.
I think the biggest news that has been overlooked is that Lion Server is built into OS X and it's free for everyone to use.
New Posts  All Forums: