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Actually what he was implying is how much of a d|ck he is.
They didn't take into consideration the surprises Apple comes up with to knock Microsoft and everyone else back to the drawing board.
Because then I would have to reorder and wait another 4 weeks from that point. The whole thing is ridiculous.Like I said, Apple had my money and put it back into my account. I recall them doing this with people after the iPhone 4 launch where people were having their orders mysteriously cancelled.
Apple has ruined their product launches for me. I used to be excited about getting my hands on a new product. That began to end with the iPhone 4 launch when they delayed my shipment. I ordered the iPad 2 the day after the release because I couldn't leave work to stand in line. Apple cancelled my order last week and refunded my money with no explanation. So basically I don't care anymore. My boss' business contact at the Apple Store Willow Bend doesn't answer the...
Why does Jesus need an iPad?
USB 2 has kept me from upgrading. Now with the Thunderbolt port I can upgrade my 2007 iMac, but I'm going to wait to see how Apple handles the iPhone and iPad. I am sick of waiting 15 minutes to sync with USB 2.
It's business people. Take your emotion out of it. Would you want someone that hasn't been there 3 out of 4 years running your company? It's nobody's fault. That's just the way it is and Steve's secrecy about everything doesn't help.
I purchased this from the Apple web site the day after it was released with a shipment date of April 14. Apple just cancelled my order and put the money back in my checking account. Not good!
If the service is going to be free then why are students having to sign up for a 60-day trial?
The smaller the jack is, the more fragile. I think Apple is better off exploring wireless solutions such as Bluetooth.
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