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Good 'ol Microsoft. 7 years late but still trying.
It could have been a matter of profit. A 64GB iPhone simply would not have been profitable at the time. Additionally it would give an extra reason to upgrade to the iPhone 5.
I HATE it when companies release updates and don't list what was changed. Since Apple didn't feel it was important enough to let me know why I should download another 100mb update, it must not be important enough for me to download it.
Being a former QA tester at a popular gaming company that has been at both the bottom and top I can see where Trip Hawkins is coming from. He wants the $10,000 foosball table in his $10 million office developing the next $1 billion dollar game. Gaming is changing. People are sick of paying $60 for a game and $29 for additions when they can have fun for under $10. Developers can now sit at home and write games which hasn't been possible since the early 1980's. If...
There's really no reason why the iPhone shouldn't have full voice recognition support by now.
I think there needs to be a laptop design revolution. I was looking at those pictures and was thinking how old and square laptops are. The Utilitarian look may be cost effective, but it's getting boring.
Good one.
Apple has a cheap iPhone. The 3GS is $49.00.
I think the crash thing is for developers testing the beta. Popping up a window like that is unprofessional.
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