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It was sarcasm.
If Apple looses this case then the iPhone will have to allow Android apps to run on it. Just sayin'.
I played this 3 times today and my family keeps dying. The third time, I made it to day 7, not receiving one citation and my family still died and the game ended. I don't get it.   Also, this game could break up the monotony by randomizing the characters.
Microsoft Sync is a clusterfu**.
If you want to make the kind of money that tech employees do, then go back to school and get the skills needed to support the salary you want.
I love the first picture. Like the Nexus' are falling like domino's. Because they suck. Even marketing can't get anything right.
I love scrolling through hundreds of channels with the remote. It's a lot of fun!
Projected revenue isn't what Sony thought it would be. The movie was collateral damage. I imaging Universal picked up the project, but only with budget cuts, which caused everyone to bail. Now Sorkin is in vulture mode, picking his previous actors for scraps.
I've determined the script sucks.
New Posts  All Forums: