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People don't need a new iPad every 2 years.
Backpacks for all employees!
12" iPad Pro, 12" MacBook Air. Same size. One has a keyboard, one doesn't. One has an Intel chip, the other has an ARM chip. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where this is heading.
I really don't think Apple is going to use a brand new connector when they just spent several years creating the Lightning port.   If anything they will likely make the port on the MacBook Air a Lightning port to match the iPad and iPhone.
I wish people would quit reporting that it's a free upgrade without reporting that it's free for the first year, then you pay a subscription fee.
This picture is all you need to know.
You can't take the crime out of Crimea.
I used to be excited about this.
No big deal. Even when I bought the digital version it was boring. By the time the new issue would come out you would have read it on the internet. MacWorld next...
I don't see how they would be able to do this without touching Apple's patents.
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