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Thank god. Ever since the Verizon iPhone was introduced I have constantly been wondering who the person would be to get their iPhone first. Now I can finally remove myself from the edge of my seat.
The person is a total and complete moron. I worked with Adobe's lawyers and Apple 3 years ago emailing them every Craigslist posting in Dallas. He also apparently rented out a small PC repair store in my area. When I emailed him and asked him how he could offer Adobe CS3 for $99 when it's $1000 everywhere else. He said it was a special promotion with Adobe. I said, so if I come in there and buy it those disks are going to be genuine? He said yes. Then I said, do...
I'm kind of worried Lion is going to be a boring upgrade. Steve didn't really show anything groundbreaking last year.
If I were a Netgear employee I would be embarrassed. The man obviously doesn't know why Flash is banned. He looks like an ass-clown trying call attention to himself.
Apple will release one before Adobe would.
"20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic," and is "ultradurable" having been made from the same material as the "glass used in helicopters and high-speed trains." If Apple actually claims this, then they are in trouble.
What software can be used to create HTML5 web sites?
Apple needs to get their sh*t together because this is ridiculous. I paid $800 for my iPad to read magazines on and I'm stuck with Zinio's limited selection.
Didn't care 7 years ago and still don't.
Uh.... I'm not going to just switch because it saves Google money. H.264 is fast, instant and looks great.
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