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Considering Apple is WRONG, yes. This isn't about how many bars are displayed, it's about losing the call. Literally I can touch that spot and I will go from 5 bars to "No Service".
Uhhhh, good move Apple. Those bumpers cost less than $1 to manufacture.
So the owner of the advertising agency can't spell AND he's stupid. I feel sorry for his employees.
Would you like to borrow my phone? Or my bosses? Or his wife's?
Jason Burford runs an advertising agency and can't spell correctly?
The XBox team is the only part of Microsoft that "gets" how to combine great design with great hardware and software.
If you bought one of these phones then you better return it now or enjoy your Kin paperweight .
Ad supported AND $9.99 a month? Uh, no thanks. I don't love TV that much. I have enough monthly bills.
I almost always agree with Steve, but this time I couldn't disagree more. Why wasn't this an issue with the other 3 iPhones? Because it wasn't an issue with the other 3 iPhones. You can't teach the world how to hold a phone a particular way. Even worse, this problem affects the most comfortable position to hold the phone in. I lose the entire signal just by having my pinky finger anywhere near that corner.
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New Posts  All Forums: