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My office is a perfect example of why we don't use Office for Mac. Microsoft has over-thought Mac Office to the point that it's barely Office anymore. Years ago people were clamoring for a Mac Office that looked like a Mac app. All that did was limit cross-platform compatibility. Now you have Mac Excel that can't use Visual Basic, and whatever that cluster-fu** is - Entourage. Office is not a Mac app. We could have switched a dozen salespeople over to Mac if Office...
I find it hypocritical that a marketing guy that never really invented anything except DOS says "no biggie" to something he doesn't really know anything about. Bill Gates knows innovation like Donald Trump knows how to mop his floor.
Well, one of two things are going to happen this year for me. 1. If Apple sticks with AT&T, then I won't be getting a new iPhone this year because I'm not going to renew my contract, but go month to month. 2. I'm going to try out the Nexus on Verizon. If I like it enough then I'll drop AT&T. If not then I'll pay AT&T by the month until the iPhone moves to Verizon. Either way, my next iPhone won't be until Apple supports Verizon. It has reached the point where it...
It's easy to lose interest in something you can't buy. Apple needs to stop this nonsense of debuting a product and then saying it will be available X months later. People show as much interest in the iPad as the Apple TV, which Apple never advertises and word of mouth is not working. If Apple is going to keep public interest up, they are going to have to either debut it again or start advertising it.
Did anyone report on what ply toilet tissue was issued in the bathroom in the restaurant? It's only slightly less important than this story, but still a little relevant.
When is Apple going to change the housing? It's been 7 years!
Well thank goodness you can go out and buy an external blue-ray or dvd drive and plug it into your Macs trusty little USB port.
Adobe's products are still using code from the early 1990's. They had a chance to write their apps from scratch 10 years ago when OS X debuted and didn't do it. Photoshop and Illustrator are so bloated and complicated that you practically need a degree to learn how to use them. But there's no alternative because Adobe has no competition. As long as that's the case, Adobe will continue to drag along. As much as I hate Flash, it's not what makes Mac crash.
Flash is like a dinosaur dragging around a full, shitty diaper behind it. The code is ancient, bloated and inefficient. Can you image your battery life on your phone with Flash running on it? My company uses HTML 5.
Anyone that has programmed in Flash knows what a cow it is. It needs to be written from scratch (as well as other Adobe products). And they better do something quick because they are about to lose out to HTML5.
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