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Has Consumer Reports hired high school kids to write reviews now? Because their whole review is about a product that isn't even released yet and Apple hasn't officially announced a release date for the iPhone 5.
So Apple adds gestures and someone assumes that the home button is being removed. Whatever.
App is not a dictionary defined term so it will stand as a trademark.
Including me.
Dear Steve, This is needed more on the iPhone to keep people from smashing into other cars. Thanks.
That's because no one is going to pay $4.99 an issue for Men's Health when you can get a year's subscription for $25.
Caught with their pants down. Kind of like Adobe in the next few years.
Considering the iPhone is the reason the iPad is so successful, I would say that's kind of stupid marketing. Oh, and the iPad isn't a phone.
I don't see either one happening for the iPhone 5. It's too late. The phone should already be in beta testing.
New Posts  All Forums: