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They are really going to have to nail this in order for people to trust it.
You just go right ahead and sue them little guy.
Why would he call Steve about a RUMOR?
How does this make sense? The camera and flash are flush with the glass and the surrounding components are covered by an opaque black film. I think it's actually the proximity sensor in the front of the phone that's having the problem.
3D is a gimmick that is uncomfortable to watch. Human beings see things in 2D. This was proven in the 1950's and 1980's as a failure.
Hey, Apple. Outsource it to ColorWare. They seem to get it right. Those asians just don't get it.
This sounds more like a Christmas present for Steve. All Sony really has is PlayStation and TV's. I would prefer they bought Adobe.
What do you get when you don't use competitive products? The Zune, The Kin, and Windows.
I think it's quite obvious it's for the Mac App Store.
There's a glaring omission here. If the scroll bars only appear when you swipe the mouse then why are there still up and down arrows at the bottom of the scroll bar track? They're useless unless you can see them. And why bother having a scroll bar track? If the scroll bar disappears then why continually show the track? The scroll bar may as well be there too.
New Posts  All Forums: