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I don't see either one happening for the iPhone 5. It's too late. The phone should already be in beta testing.
Good. I don't know a single person that liked that keyboard.
We are arguing apples to oranges here. You can't hear what I hear, I can't hear what you hear. We don't have the same hearing and we don't listen to music the same way. I listen to most of my music in the car, you don't. Average headphones don't bring out all the highs and lows that excellent speakers do.
With headphones on, I can't tell the difference. In my car with an Infinity sound system, I can completely tell the difference.
Every time I see that I can't stop laughing.
Depends on your satisfied with files that are half the quality of a CD.
We'll just see about that.
Well would you look at that... forgot about it already.
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