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More sh*t slinging from the big, fat, sweaty, hairy, monkey ape himself off in La La Land.
No subscription plan, no purchase.
I thought this site was called AppleInsider.
You know what's interesting Time Warner? I don't even want to pay .99 cents. I mean, I do pay $60 a month for your ISP. Thank you ABC for letting me watch last weeks Cougar Town for free.
The packaging is uncharacteristically sloppy for Apple.
Deflectable? I think that needs to be retractable.
My ass is gone. I'm selling my iPhone 4 on eBay for $700 and paying the $300 early termination fee.
Perfect timing. I mean it's only been 9 months and because I got tired of waiting I bought 4 subscriptions through Zinio.
Welcome to the social!
I refreshed twice more and now I've installed 10 and everything seems fine.
New Posts  All Forums: