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Let's see.... Apple has Mac Pros, iMacs, iPods, iPhones and..... shoes. What is this obsession with shoes?
It might have helped at the beginning of Microsoft's campaign with Family Guy to actually sit down and watch the show that has been on for 6 years. These people just don't think.
I called the company and found out some additional information. The software comes in 2 parts - the OS Install and the OS X software. The software you download from their website you burn to a CD to allow you to boot the OS X disc. Once OS X is installed, you install the OS X software package which is unusable unless you purchase a license (stupid). You can't run the hardware detector (for sound, ethernet, etc) to even find out if your hardware is compatible before...
I think something important to note is that Apple removed all the wires except the power cord. While I think that's kinda cool, it sucks too because there are 2 less USB ports.
Anyone with common sense can see this is biased. How about comparing Office versions?
Don't ever, EVER, EVER use a web based host as your only source of data backup. The company can have a disaster, or go out of business and your data is gone forever. T-Mobile employs a bunch of morons to assume your data would be around forever on their servers.
Good, now Apple can announce the new iMac's on Tuesday.
Captain Obvious says that net neutrality bit the dust in 1996 when Microsoft refused to adhere to web standards and included Internet Explorer with Windows 95 OSR2.
I think their excuse for not having MMS on the iPhone is bulls***. You can only use one app at a time right? Therefore you wouldn't be using any more of the network than any other phone that has MMS. MMS on the iPhone shouldn't be any different unless they are planning on allowing video.
Wow, those are some earth-shattering features there. How about something useful like being able to block a phone number? How about giving me the same freedom I had with my landline? That would keep me as a customer.
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