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This sounds more like a Christmas present for Steve. All Sony really has is PlayStation and TV's. I would prefer they bought Adobe.
What do you get when you don't use competitive products? The Zune, The Kin, and Windows.
I think it's quite obvious it's for the Mac App Store.
There's a glaring omission here. If the scroll bars only appear when you swipe the mouse then why are there still up and down arrows at the bottom of the scroll bar track? They're useless unless you can see them. And why bother having a scroll bar track? If the scroll bar disappears then why continually show the track? The scroll bar may as well be there too.
Anyone else think that having 6 batteries strewn about is weird?
And why do you feel that you deserve something for free?
I was really hoping for a revamped iWeb and it didn't even get updated.
I'm assuming that since Launch Pad exists that the Dock is going bye bye or will take the form of the iOS dock.
We'll see. Apple never provided enough bandwidth to watch the entire keynote without it stalling.
I am willing to bet 7" tablets won't be around in 2 years. If you want something that small, then get a phone.
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