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Steve was WRONG. Pepsi is made with high fructose corn syrup, not sugar.
I guess he's looking for a pat on the back or something for saying that.
You know what hasn't changed? The apps taking 2 minutes to open if you have a lot of fonts on your machine. Every time you launch an Office app, it has to go through all of your fonts to make sure none of them are corrupt. Isn't that nice of them? I mean, no other Mac software has to do that but Microsoft felt that they had to.
More sh*t slinging from the big, fat, sweaty, hairy, monkey ape himself off in La La Land.
No subscription plan, no purchase.
I thought this site was called AppleInsider.
You know what's interesting Time Warner? I don't even want to pay .99 cents. I mean, I do pay $60 a month for your ISP. Thank you ABC for letting me watch last weeks Cougar Town for free.
The packaging is uncharacteristically sloppy for Apple.
Deflectable? I think that needs to be retractable.
My ass is gone. I'm selling my iPhone 4 on eBay for $700 and paying the $300 early termination fee.
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