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If you look through the comments for the magazines already in the app store, people WANT subscriptions and refuse to pay by the issue. Check out the comments for Men's Health.
I bought my iPad specifically to read magazines and newspapers on the go. I refuse to pay $5 an issue for Men's Health. Apple promoted magazines on this thing and they better iron it out quick.
Where's the lawsuit that the iPad melts in direct fire?
Try 7 years. 2003. And now it will be another year which makes 8 years.
That's one hell of a price increase.
I really hope iWeb is more flexible.
You're holding it wrong.
And it's spent 7 years in the same case.
Apple has never produced an overstock of anything in the past 13 years.
Well, Apple doesn't "officially" create product shortages, but they continually underestimate consumer demand at every single product launch which is basically the same thing. Had they waited to launch the iPhone 4 another month everyone would have received one.
New Posts  All Forums: