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Epix fail.
If Save Our Heritage was so concerned about the house, then they should have had a fundraiser to purchase and restore the house themselves. All the money that was wasted in litigation could have paid for the restoration.
There is a huge difference on the back end. Adobe Flash costs $699 and has code in it back from the Windows 3.1 days. HTML 5 is free and current.
While I think this is a great database program, the company doesn't work closely enough with Apple. At this point in it's age, it should be fully integrated with OS X. It's still too expensive, and the only way to share a database over the web or local intranet is to purchase the Advanced version, which is overkill for a small office with only a handful of employees.
Is it really necessary to post 5 Valve stories a day?
So it's late then.
I'm kind of tired of hearing about how often they mess with display adapter technology when we're STILL stuck with USB 2.0. I can't stand syncing my iPhone because it takes forever. Where's eSATA? Computer speed has quadrupled in speed and the external technologies haven't changed in almost a decade.
Who didn't see that coming? Happens with every new product they release.
I have to wonder why they bothered. Once again it's missing features from the Windows version. Even Microsoft took 10 years to learn that while Office looks Mac-like, it's missing features cripple the software compared to the Windows version.
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