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Why the f*** do these things cost so much? There are almost no internal components.
Must have been one hell of a budget cut. While I originally couldn't wait to see it, I don't care anymore, and have no desire to see it now.
I agree with the lawsuit. I was unable to upgrade my mom's 8gb iPhone 4S to iOS 8 because there wasn't enough room to download it even though she had no apps, pictures or music on it.
7 years later...
It's already too late.
"I'm gay, too!" -- Boo-Keun Yoon
It was sarcasm.
If Apple looses this case then the iPhone will have to allow Android apps to run on it. Just sayin'.
I played this 3 times today and my family keeps dying. The third time, I made it to day 7, not receiving one citation and my family still died and the game ended. I don't get it.   Also, this game could break up the monotony by randomizing the characters.
Microsoft Sync is a clusterfu**.
New Posts  All Forums: