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Unlike Angry Birds, Tiny Thief hasn't been updated with new levels in 8 months since the game initially debuted.
 As someone that has been using, fixing and building computers since 1992, the peak of Microsoft was with Windows XP in 2001. It's been downhill since then. They almost redeemed themselves with Windows 7, but that was just a blip on the radar.
The original iPad Mini was already $299. How is that a sale?
My company has 155 employees and only one person is using Windows 8, and that's for QA compatibility testing.
What are knock off chargers getting news?
Money doesn't solve anything, unless you're paying smart employees.
No thanks. Ashton probably killed his career with this.
The fact that the Retail Market Directors objected to this is scary because they are putting profit first and what's right second. Apple is losing its DNA. 
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