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That bank is in for a world of trouble with that application. The iPhone camera has no image stabilization so they are going to be sorting through thousands blurry checks. Even as calm as I am I have to take several shots of whatever I'm taking a picture of because most of them will be blurry.
Apple needs to get with the program and update it's antique 30-inch displays. I'm guessing one of the new features that Apple didn't want to go with is SATA. Frankly I'm a little miffed that my Mac Pro and iMac are stuck with old Firewire technology and the Windows world is cruising around with external SATA ports.
Who are you to call this frivolous? Companies spend thousands of dollars protecting themselves with patents. That's why patents exist ***EDIT: PLease, no attacks.
So this wonderful, revolutionary phone that is the first I've owned where I've had not a single problem, dropped call or wanted to throw at a wall is wrecking the industry? Sounds like Craig Moffett is a big baby that needs mommy to give his biddy back before he throws a tantrum.
Apple is not going to sell their pro apps. Are you kidding? They just spent almost 3 years rewriting it from scratch.
I used Safari 4 since the beta and I could not stand the upward-facing tabs. If your desktop color is too close to the color of the tabs it was a real pain in the ass to find which tab I wanted and I made sure I complained about it.
I don't see 10.6 competing with or stealing Windows 7's thunder. Windows 7 is being marketed as a major new OS and OS X 10.6 doesn't offer anything new or exciting for the consumer that you can see on the outside.
If they're going to follow Apple so close with prices that aren't much different, then why risk going bankrupt? I'd rather spend the $100 extra and buy an Apple knowing I'm getting the real deal and full support.
Finally they make something beautiful and then screw it up with 4 screws on the back.
That's a really creepy place. Hollywood should buy it to make horror movies. It looks like a motel from the outside.
New Posts  All Forums: