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I hope this is soon. I've decided that I'm not going to buy another iMac to replace my 2007 model until there's a faster external interface. USB 2.0 just doesn't cut it anymore. My iTunes library is on an external drive and it takes forever to sync my iPhone with lossless music.
You can't cover up the Pre's problems with a white girl. That Pre commercial could be taken subliminally to consumers as Palm turning it's back on customers with that model turning her back to the camera. iPhone ads are successful because they showcase the product, not a model or any cheesy special effects..
Google and AdMob? Hellll no. Google is becoming scary and I'm considering not using their products anymore.
I hope by phone calls, they actually meant video conferencing because if you want to replace your iPhone with a 10" pad held up to your ear, then you're too stupid to own an iPad. Give it to me.
Verizon's network is already prepared to handle the iPhone. Last year they welcomed jail-broken iPhones on their network. T-Mobile and Sprint would have to upgrade their networks and trust me, Sprint would need to big time and eliminate all of their dead zones.
Must be a slow news day.
The Wall Street Journal isn't just some rumor site. But if they are wrong it could seriously damage their credibility.
It's here...http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1017
Since the birth of the internet I think I've clicked on a banner ad 5 times and have never purchased anything as a result of seeing one.
New Posts  All Forums: