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I'm worried that Cover Flow is the beginning of unnecessary feature bloat. Did people really ask for that?
As usual, if it's real Apple will have it removed. My opinion is that there's no way Apple is going to use the same materials and look that it has for the past 4 years and this machine does not fit in with Apple's other products.
I don't believe it. There's no way they're going to release another speed bump without a redesign. I believe more that it's an early test machine.
Sounds like they're having a hell of a time trying to get bloated code to run on a phone without draining the battery in 5 minutes without having to completely rewrite everything. I guess that's what happens when you save it until the last minute. Then again, I really don't miss those dancing chick banner ads telling me I can get 0% financing on my next mortgage.
That's like a magically fantasy land like Circuit City opening retail stores to compete with Best Buy.
If it's not on the box that GarageBand doesn't fully support PPC, then those people should be allowed to get their money back if they want.
So consumers are just supposed to go about their business and pay no attention to the quality of the products that they buy? It's called holding the company accountable. Just as if the government decided it was going to take an extra 5% from your pay check just because they feel like it. You would be screaming and yelling about that. When you don't hold companies accountable for their actions, the consumers are the ones that get screwed. First it's a crack, then down...
It makes sense that the top-end iMac would have quad-core processors.
I just can't understand why Apple continues to use the damn plastic. It scratches, it cracks, it discolors and it's ugly. The only think made of plastic that hasn't cracked is the 3rd gen iMac.
If this does happen I would hope it's not built into the internal hardware, which I think is a stupid idea which limits the consumer and would be a tech support nightmare for both companies.
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